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90 Minutes

Talk shows on local radio have received mixed reactions. Some think they are dominated by “people with the loudest mouths and minds already made up” while others think they are too politically bent and are an exercise in futility. They feel that despite their entertainment value, the ability of these shows to influence or shape policy is generally overrated. Regardless of which view they hold, people listen anyway!

There is no denying the popularity of radio talk shows or their appeal to the masses. For a lot of people who feel marginalised, unheard or powerless, radio talk shows are avenuee or opportunities to have their voices heard and that is the thinking behind RSL97’s 90 MINUTES – Fifty four hundred seconds of conversation that matters with the people who matter, about topics that matter to them.

This isn’t your grandfather’s talk show. This show tackles the hard topics, and isn’t afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked. It’s raw, unedited, in-depth and, most importantly, interactive. It gives callers an immediate and direct voice. Unlike what currently passes for call-in programmes, 90 MINUTES combines local current affairs with regional segments where from time to time the host will be joined by regional leaders and technocrats to discuss hard hitting topics.

The show boasts an informed and talented host in Shelton Daniel. His unique ability to discuss current affairs in a dynamic and interactive manner will provide listeners a new experience in morning talk.

With over 20 years in media, Daniel's tenacity and blistering questions have established the programme as the new standard for talk shows on the island.

His hard hitting interview style and relentless questions is a compelling contrast to the polite chit chats or “vent and rant” that now characterise competing talk shows. The show airs weekdays from 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM.

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