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Worship Sundays

Saint Lucia is a unique blend of Roman Catholic and Protestant forms of Christianity but most of these churches face challenges, not the least of which is the lack of resources to accomplish their “great commission” to evangelize the nation.
In addition, local churches like their counterparts regionally and internationally are struggling to overcome a number of challenges including the discrediting of the gospel and the Church through the failure of Church leaders and the resulting scandals; the growing refusal or resistance to the church; growing insularity; the inability to engage the Caribbean Diaspora; inadequate resources to facilitate crusades and outreach work. There is also the threat of the Islamization of the island and the growing popularity of Rastafarianism and overall secularization.
The media has emerged as a powerful tool to help overcome many of these challenges, and as the national radio station RSL97 believes it has a role and moral obligation to be a part of the new wave of evangelism and attempts to renew confidence in the gospel and in the church, especially in light of the rising crime and violence in the country.
By providing an avenue for churches and ministries to reach existing (whether ill, or disabled members) as well as the un-churched or unsaved, RSL97 sees itself as helping to address the underlying search for identity and meaning among Saint Lucians (especially among the youth) that is so urgently needed.
To this end the station has partnered with the largest churches to carry their Sunday worship services as an opportunity to reach a larger audience and to counter the increasing secularization and de-Christianization of society, and simultaneously counteract importation of external values principally from North America. In addition to the aforementioned, the station will host a series of pre-recorded sermons and “sermonettes” by smaller lesser known organizations and ministries