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Pressure Point

‘Pressure Point’ is the station’s endeavour to provide its loyal listeners with a healthy dose of information geared towards adopting a health conscious lifestyle. RSL97’s answer to the popular Dr. Oz TV show, Pressure Point is an information packed hour. Produced in collaboration with the Saint Lucia Nurses Association and the Bureau of Health Education of the Ministry of Health, the programme breaks down health issues so that listeners can be better informed on a variety of health conditions and issues.
It will keep you up to date on a wide variety of health topics, from diabetes to prostate cancer; from erectile dysfunction to proper nutrition and features a call-in segment that allows you to ask questions on everyday health issues that matter to you. It also keeps listeners up to date on events in the health field, including health fairs, and policy decisions affecting the sector.
What makes the show unique is its relevance. Saint Lucia has the dubious distinction of being the region’s leader for diabetes per capita and has recorded high incidence of hypertension. The show deals with all of these issues and tackles a variety of other health topics and information in an informative yet interactive manner.
The show is aired on Wednesdays from 11:01 AM – 12:00 NOON. Pressure Point is hosted alternately by the health care professionals from the Nurses Association and the Bureau of Health Education, an ideal combination to deliver a show that is informative and engaging.
The hosts will be joined by a long list of interesting guests who will share their expertise, experience and knowledge in order to help listeners develop healthy lifestyles.
RSL97’s telephone, email and texting options will allow listeners to submit questions and get real answers from real medical professionals in real time.
The hosts and their guests tackle current issue on every show and provide their unique insights and advice; take raw medical information, dissect and thoroughly process so that it is easily digested by listeners.