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The Lecture Hall

RSL 97 has always been proud of its public broadcast aspect of its mandate, working in tandem with communities and organizations to ensure access to high quality programming for underserved audiences and its role in encouraging life-long learning.
That commitment continues with the airing of RSL97’s The Lecture Hall – a series of lectures by a broad spectrum of speakers on topics of political, cultural, and philosophical nature as well as panel discussions on important subjects of contemporary interest.
According to General Manager Mc Claude Emmanuel the rapidly changing local media landscape has made this aspect of the station’s mandate doubly critical, as more people look to RSL 97 as an important source for unbiased information, cultural and other educational programming often not provided by the other commercially driven stations.
The 1pm Sunday broadcasts feature recent lectures, as well as some gems from the RSL archives, including the annual Nobel Laureate Lectures and the Brian Bernard Memorial lectures, with featured speakers like Dr. Ernest Hillaire, Father Michel Francis or Indian poet Sudeep Sen or Dr. Marlene Attz.
The lecture Hall is an opportunity for people unable to attend these lectures to listen to them and for people all over the country (along with the diaspora and other international listeners) to hear some of today’s leading intellectuals from a wide range of academic disciplines, professions and creative arts.
The hope is that these lectures will apart from informing listeners also stimulate thought, discussion and debate.
In the meantime, RSL 97’s technical team continues to record current lectures and presentations in a bid to further enrich the station’s audio archives for the enjoyment and edification of future generations of listeners.