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DSH CEO on Maria Islands

Teo Ah Khing

Chairman of DSH Teo Ah Khing says the inclusion of Maria Islands in Phase Two of the Project will preserve and enhance the National Landmark.
This part of the project agreement makes provisions for the reclamation of land for a cause to connect Maria Islands with the Vieux Fort mainland.  
Maria Islands are a protected ecological site overseen by the St. Lucia National Trust, which has registered its objection to the proposal.
However, DSH chairman told the launch ceremony last week Thursday, March 9th, “We are going to do three things in relation to the islands.  We are going to continue to preserve, enhance; do detailed research on all the existing wild life and marine life on this island.’
He said local tourists would be allowed to experience the very rare natural features in the ocean and allow it to be a tourism attraction added onto the already interesting attractions in the island Saint Lucia. 
Ah Khing said that with the creation of this 150 to 200 acres of new land, certain portions will be returned to the people of Saint Lucia. 
“This is not just about the public parks or ocean parks that the visitors are going to enjoy; this is to allow us to put ourselves on the world map for the international research of wild life,” Ah Khing said.
But the St Lucia National trust is not convinced. Member of the National Trust Council, and former functionary in last government, Calixte George Junior, says Maria Islands comprise a sensitive ecological site.