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Govt to unveil energy plan

wind energy

The Government of Saint Lucia has expressed its commitment to continue to work towards the development of renewable energy on the island. 
The says its expression of commitment comes after US-based firm WindTex Energy disappointingly cancelled plans for a previously announced wind farm on the east coast, less than four months after the new administration gave its commitment to the developer, to see the project to a successful completion. 
According to a statement by the Ministry of Sustainable energy, On November 3, 2016, Minister Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert, facilitated discussions with the developer and other partners to ensure the smooth continuation of the multi-million dollar development of a 12 megawatts (MW) wind farm in Anse Cannot, Dennery.
It added: “It is therefore astonishing that the developer has decided to pull out from the proposed project without allowing the process to proceed. As a government we are deeply disappointed, however, the Government of Saint Lucia is pleased to announce that it is pursuing a suite of new proposals for renewable energy projects, which includes the development of a wind farm,” said Dr. Rigobert, who has responsibility for renewable energy development on the island. 
She said government will soon unveil several of these initiatives to the public, most importantly, for the proposed wind farm.