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OECS economies 'unsustainable'

PMat OECS grenada

Are the governments of the OECS satisfied that all their citizens  enjoy a World Class education?  
This is one of several questions put to fellow leaders by St Lucia’s Prime Minister Hon. Allan Chastanet, when he addressed the 64th Meeting of the OECS Authority on March 3rd 2017 in Saint Kitts last Friday.
Mr Chastanet also asked his colleagues: “Are we satisfied that they all have access to proper healthcare? Are we all satisfied that they all can live in safety? And are we all satisfied that they have every opportunity for economic prosperity?”
He said that in these trying times, this new normal that we are living in, requires more than ever that we no longer practice the ostrich syndrome. The state of our own economies is depriving the citizens of our countries of the lifestyle and the services they so richly deserve.”
The Prime Minister noted that he was far from satisfied and that “there is a tremendous amount of work to be done.”
He also spoke of the rising debt and the cost of interest on that debt to of OECS countries which, he said, has prevented investment in educational programmes, infrastructural development, crime prevention and healthcare. 
“In fact what we are running are unsustainable governments,” Prime Minister Chastanet noted, before warning, “If we don’t bring back economic growth to this region it is going to make it much more difficult to be able to do some of the things we want to do.