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Health & Safety at LUCELEC

health safety

What began as a one week observance focused only on health and safety at LECELEC has since grown into a month-long focus on health, safety, environment and fire awareness.
The power company is observing health and safety month in this. Speaking at the official launch of the month on last week,  LUCELEC Chief Engineer Goodwin d’Auvergne said the company was currently conducting a review of its health and safety practices. The review would take place this year and would result in a revamped health and safety programme.
A safety culture is the “attitude, beliefs, perceptions and values that employees share in relation to safety in the workplace.” 
Mr d’Auvergne also spoke of the company’s 2016 Safety Record where similar to 2015, there was one reportable accident (resulting in three or more lost days at work). 
The Chief Engineer challenged staff to duplicate what had been accomplished in 2013 when the company recorded no accidents for the entire year. For this to happen he said, everyone has to get involved.  
The theme for the 21st LUCELEC Health, Safety, Environment and Fire Awareness activities is “Health and Safety that works every time for everyone.”