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House Speaker Chides Dennery South MP

edmund estephane portrait

Speaker of the House of Assembly, Hon. Leon Theodore-John claimed to have heard a remark by an MP that cause her some stress during the last meeting of parliament.
The awkward moment came during debate on the Electoral Amendment on February 7th when she interrupted the MP for Castries South Hon. Guy Joseph who was at the time making a contribution to the debate.
However, her rebuke was not directed at Mr Joseph, but towards Government Minister and MP for Dennery South, Hon. Edmund Estephan.
The remark that offended Speaker Theodore-John is not audible on the audio recording, but the Speaker seemed certain she heard the MP say “behave yourself”. 
Hon. Edmund Estephane did not contest the Speaker’s inquiry -- at least not on his feet. After a long moment of silence, the debate on the Electoral amendment continued.