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  • Jazz On The Square Returns to City Centre

    15 April 2014
      The highly popular lunchtime concert series Jazz on the Square returns to the heart of nation’s capital    with three days of contemporary Caribbean cross-over music.    Staged annually at the Derek Walcott Square in downtown Castries, the 2014 Jazz on the Square line- up includes nine dynamic performances by top local and regional acts from Saint Lucia, Trinidad and    Barbados. Performances start on Wednesday May 7 and continue through Friday May 09.   Sponsored largely by the corporate community, this popular series of free lunchtime con...
  • Twenty four year old Nehemiah Daniel is dead

    14 April 2014
    Twenty four year old Nehemiah Daniel is dead and a few others injured in a   vehicular accident on the Bexon Highway about 2am on Sunday.   The vehicle was being driven by Devon Timothy. There were five people in    the car, all of whom are from the La Croix Maingot area.    Police say the car which was travelling in the direction of Castries veered off    the left side of the road and slammed into a utility pole.    The Traffic Department is appealing to motorists to be cautious on the    island’s roads.   The ...
  • Saint Lucia is among countries to benefit from the Eastern Caribbean Marine

    14 April 2014
    Managed Areas Network Project.   The 4 million Euro project is being funded by the German Government and    will run for four years.   It seeks to strengthen existing marine management areas.   Program Manager of the Eastern Caribbean Nature Conservancy Dr. Sherry    Constantine says the project will also impact positively    A consultation was held in St. Lucia last week to apprise stakeholders in the    local fisheries sector of the project.   Dr. Constantine says the project is in its initial stage of implementati...

    14 April 2014
      For the fifth consecutive year, Air Caraïbes and Labowi Promotions will partner to bring   some of the most talented jazz artists from the Caribbean to Jazz in the South.        Jazz in the South is a component of the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival that is dedicated to    Caribbean and Creole Jazz. Since its beginning in 1997, Jazz in the South has featured over 150    bands and musicians from all over the Caribbean, including Mario Canonge, Thurgot Théodat,    Orlando Maraca Valle, Andy Narell, Luther Francois, E...
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