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  • Forty-Seven Police promotions

    03 August 2015
    Forty-two members of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force have been promoted to higher ranks, coinciding with a period of strained relations between the Police Welfare Association (PWA) and the Acting Commissioner of Police.   The promotions were formalized yesterday morning at a ceremonial event shared between the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and the Derek Walcott Square nearby.   The promotions ceremony saw 27 constables being promoted to corporals; 11 corporals promoted to sergeants; and four sergeants promoted to inspectors.   The promotions policy is just...
  • 'Great Shape' dental clinics till Aug.10

    03 August 2015
    The Sandals Foundation is partnering with Great Shape Inc to offer free dental clinics to Saint Lucians. Great Shape INC is a charitable organization based in Jamaica that facilitates a number of humanitarian projects in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. Officials of Great Shape INC will be on island until August 10th and will be conducting the clinics at various locations.
  • Baron Foods heading for Cuba

    03 August 2015
    St. Lucian Manufacturing Company Baron Foods will be the first local company to enter the Cuban Market. The breakthrough follows two years of negotiations between the  management of Baron Foods and the Cuban Embassy here. The negotiations reached agreement on a guarantee that the products met international standards, and the testing of food products by Cuban authorities. Five Baron Food products have already been accepted. Baron Foods says its management believes this development will pave the way for other local manufacturers to follow.
  • Palns afoot for 2nd Mercury beach party

    03 August 2015
    Organizers of Saint Lucia’s 2nd Mercury beach party are looking to build on the successes of last year’s event. The activity is slated for August 15th and is expected to attract visitors from Martinique and Guadeloupe. Tourism officials are supporting this year’s activity considering the opportunity it presents to penetrate lucrative Caribbean markets. One of the organizers Cuthbert Didier speaks about preparations for the activity. The second Mercury beach party is schedule to take place at the Pigeon island beach.
  • Dam full; drought broken

    31 July 2015
    The Water and Sewage Company says the water level at the John Compton Dam has reached maximum capacity as a result of Yesterday’s heavy rains. This brings an end to the shortfall of water at the Dam brought on by drought conditions. The inclement weather however caused turbidity to some water intakes in the southern part of the island. Timothy James Senior Water Services Supervisor says WASCO crews are currently working to restore supply in the south.
  • Heavy rains cause flooding

    31 July 2015
    Parliamentary representative for Vieux Fort North Hon. Moses Jn. Baptist is reporting no major damage in his constituency following yesterday’s heavy rains. The MP had expressed concern about a bridge in his constituency on facebook yesterday. Hon Moses Jn. Baptist is touring Vieux Fort North today to assess the impact of Thursday’s downpour.

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Guest_9057: carl bois
Guest_9057: well well U all not checking your chart room so y u all have it, this Marius out of stae at this time
Guest_9057: lete me hear Pslam 23 by Bujbon ton
Guest_7145: if these music is so great for emancipation day celebration, it teachers us lessons of the pass and motivates, raise our consciousness etc. Why do we indulged so much with these " Bam bam,raise you hand" music. We should not Socialise, dance, music our way back into salavery...list to this song that's playing..
Guest_9057: hi Tesa thiS Marius MoDESTE OUT OF COUNTRY AT THIS TIME,MAJORITY RULES....dont ask me the singer
ryan: Big up ryan
Guest_5967: Good Morning Shelton. I always learn from you. Although I'm a creole speaker, I've NEVER heard the word LAVABO. Can you expound on that please. What's a LAVABO?
LuciaBoy: Why is the SLP and its supporters making seem that supposed wealthy people should not offer themselves for public service. Economic power should not be combined with political power. Is this argument specifically being proffered for Chastenet? Would they use this dog whistle if say a very successful non-Chastanet preferably black offer themselves either as an SLP or UWP? We seem to be saying that successful people need not apply. One would have thought that the best time to give back to your country is after you have made enough to secure the future of your self and your family. I am simply exposing the sinister and puerile nature of this argument.
Guest_2971: Here is a crazy thought...Do you think that Sir John was threatened by the personality of Bousquet? We know that when Sir John was in the UWP he was the man and no one could be seen to take over. Perhaps Bousquet presented a persona that hinted at desire and ability for leadership that he probably saw and did not feel comfortable with.
Guestimate: I was a boy when Hurricane Allen hit and I remember the nerve-racking experience with about 9 hours of hurricane winds. I recalled my mother praying loudly and continuously for deliverance and protection during that night. St. Mary's College opened late that year due to hurricane damage. Most of the posh pre-fabricated houses at Vigie lay in ruins. I also remember the somewhat comical sight, in the city, when a drunkard was out walking at dawn in the high winds and someone came to his rescue as the winds drifted him to the left and right on his wobbly intoxicated legs.
Guest_6979: I am not sure that there is a reluctance for any person with money to enter political office in this country. There is a particular behaviour that has been exhibited by Allen Chastanet which demonstrates that he wants to see something in happen in Saint LUcia based on his vision and that he has not been able to execute and he things that being PM he will be able to execute without resistance. Mr. Chastanet thinks that a PM is an elected dictator and that he would not be accountable. The evidence for that is foremost his behaviour when even Parliament asked him to say how much was given to American Airlines to come into Saint Lucia and he would never say. He had a runaway spending in the Tourist Board. I don't think that he understands that St. Lucia would not be his own business
Guest_2971: You should NOT mix economic power and political power. The poorer average Joe should be allowed to make some money and get the perks of political power too.
Guest_7078: Allen Chastanet being PM of this country scares me. I have seen examples like the use of funds from the soufriere town council and soufriere foundation. I am yet to understand what state funds and public funds mean.
LuciaBoy: Shelton hats off to you for being on the right side of this argument. I believe that Chastanet has an enough steep hill to climb as far as his leadership style is concerned and the fact that he has yet to articulate a vision for the country among other things. I believe that his heart is in the right place as far as making the UWP viable but he is going about it the wrong way. I will say this that if Rufus Bousquet and Guy Joseph be presented to the Saint Lucian electorate on a UWP slate of candidates they deserve to lose and lose big. I make no bones about it these ethically challanged individuals should stay the hell out of our politics.
Guest: Kesha you only reading political messages this morning. Read the one about Hurricane Allen.
Cyah b lv: Lord put a
Cyah b lv: Need a part two to VALDAMIR LUCIEN
Cyah b lv: Arrogance mixed with stupidity, absurdity and a touch of madness...whu u expect Sheldon?
Cyah b lv: Only when it suits them my friend
Cyah b lv: So u tink only malayway does get affected with jametism....
Cyah b lv: Cannot be prevented, need to have proper regulations with serious, real and working oversight
Guest_6539: Silvio Berlusconi was a good pm ...economic and political power...........
Cyah b lv: 6539 ou bava wi....the man was like a mafia, playboy
Cyah b lv: he did however for some time get things done
Guest_6539: use ur computer to do ur research
Guest_6539: not in name calling
Cyah b lv: trust me as an economist and accountant working with dipolmats I'm well versed in Mr. Berlusconi, did not however mean to offend you
Cyah b lv: Also had a brush in with his larger than life persona
Guest_6539: maybe i am wrong but clinton had his share of scandal and that did not stop him from being successful..Point being leaders are not but evolve...
Guest_6539: sorry i don't need to trust you because you are an economist and accountant working with who ever...i can read and think for myself
Cyah b lv: Again It seems I have offended you, my point is I believe it can work, but on certain conditions with serious oversight, just don't think that Berlusconi was a great example, for me possibly the former PM of Canada, not hat he too did not have issues like your other example former President Mr. Clinton, both of whom I loved.
Cyah b lv: the problem for me is that in small open dependent economies like ours who do not have atradition for accountability, it is indeed hard to accept that this can work...that said I reiterate that once we are certain we are willing and able to do the rigorous regulatory oversight and sanctions we should be ok
Guest_1373: when is RSL going to be heard on the radio. It's frustratin g to not be able to hear RSL neither on 97.7 nor on 97.3. I am from the dennery area its been about 2 months that I cannot hear RSL. Are the technichian working on this. I am currently listening online
Guest_3787: Congratulations to the 40 persons who were promoted in the rslpf yesterday. i think that it brings some kind of stability


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