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  • Gastro cases down

    21 May 2015
    Health officials are reporting a decrease in the number of gastroenteritis cases in Saint Lucia. They attribute the reduction to a massive public sensitization campaign which was undertaken earlier this year following an upsurge in gastroenteritis. Dr. Michelle Francois is the surveillance officer within the ministry of health. Gastroenteritis is the inflammation of the stomach and intestines, typically resulting from bacterial toxins or viral infection.
  • Minister defies telecoms companies

    21 May 2015
    Minister responsible for Science and technology, Senator Dr James Fletcher, is maintaining his stance on keeping internet voice calls free for all users. Telecommunications providers in the region have expressed concern about voice-over-internet services such as ‘Viber’ and Skype, saying that the countries were losing potential revenue because of the free service. Since then the messaging service known as WhatsApp’ has introduced a voice calling capability. But Dr Fletcher says ECTEL members are united on internet neutrality. Dr. Fletcher challenges the telecoms providers to offer alter...
  • Cruises ship jobs seminar

    21 May 2015
    Job seekers of Vieux Fort North and surrounding communities Thursday participated in a seminar on job opportunities available in the cruise ship industry. The informative session was held at the Belle Vue, Vieux Fort community centre. Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort North, Hon. Moses Jn Baptiste says he is pleased with the response.
  • Employers Federation welcomes PPP

    20 May 2015
    The decision of the government to formalize a ‘public-private partnership policy’ for development projects has been welcomed by the St. Lucia Employers Federation. The decision was announced in the Prime Minister’s Budget Policy address on May 12. In welcoming the ‘PPP policy’, Executive Director of the St. Lucia Employers Federation Mr Joseph Alexander told RSL-97 News that the Federation was “very pleased” with the PPP policy, especially in relation to the pending re-development of Hewanorra International Airport. Another benefit of ‘private-public sector partnerships’, according to Mr ...
  • Sir Dunstan funeral Wednesday

    19 May 2015
    Sir Dunstand St. Omer wll be laid to rest on Wednesday, May 20.  Hon. Sir Dunstan, who designed the St Lucian flag, will receive an official funeral starting from 2pm. The Service will be held at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Castries.
  • Xavier deterimed to raise $1M

    19 May 2015
    St. Lucian artist, Llwellyn Xavier says he is determined to raise $100 million dollars to turn St. Lucia into a sculpture park. To this end, Mr. Xavier says his committee has recruited what he calls ‘an ace’ from the New York Institute of Technology to serve as the Executive Director of the Sculpture Park Project. Mr Xavier says the first piece of sculpture under the project would likely be at Vigie. Lewellyn Xavier is one of the more internationally known artists with works permanently displayed in the American Museum of Natural History and Smithsonian Institution, among others.  ...

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GARFIELD: Techs working on it
Guest_6892: Was so interesting!!!
Guest_6892: You'll have to give Shelton extra time this morning!! lol
Guest_8757: There's something wrong with the internet stream.
Guest_7741: Garfield, how can we get a copy of the show?
GARFIELD: We should have it up on the website later - or by tomorrow
GARFIELD: Contact info for Mr. Giles Romulus - 4524900, email -, website -
Guest_1752: Thank you guys have a blessed dayb you and your guests.
Mags: Can I get the contact number for the person who does the proposal writing who was 90 Minutes this morning?
GARFIELD: We are back on
irreplaceable: ok good
irreplaceable: nice music
GARFIELD: That's Jab
Irreplaceable: wow great
Irreplaceable: Garfeld I am sending blessings to myself on my birthday for long life and prosperity
Irreplaceable: :D
Irreplaceable: I am doing that and loving the music
GARFIELD: I really mean it - ENJOY
Irreplaceable: THANKS ALOT
GARFIELD: Welcomed
GARFIELD: @Mags - the contact person is Mr. Giles Romulus - info is above in the Chat.
Guest_3481: don't forget to post this mornings showwww
Ryan: Big up Ryan
GARFIELD: Good Morning all - accepting questions, comments for "90 Minutes" - NOW
Guest_3365: What are the implications for the CSA executive now that all gauntlets are off?
Guest_3365: Will the civil servants continue to stand by and let themselves be part of a bold faced pappyshow?
Guest_6712: If Saint Lucians want genuine change, Spider, King, and the gang that met in the North last night is not the change we need. Not that that Chastanet group is much better as it stands right now. At least the Chastanet faction of the UWP is bringing in new blood. We in Saint Lucia like to recycle the same non producing politicians for decades - time we change that. There are many capable Saint Lucians that are willing and able to make a difference. All the parties in Saint Lucia need to start paying attention to the youth, and those others who want to serve. If UWP splits into two parties, that will make things easier for SLP to win, and for that, I am not complaining.
Guest_6167: People have to start being careful when pointing fingers and calling out people. We should be more truthful. Remember Kenny promised "jobs, jobs, jobs" among other things.
Guest_6712: Desperate bunch of tired politicians who have run out of ideas and relevance trying to get back into power. We should not let that happen. What have they really done for St. Lucia? We need better.
Guest_2821: Please understand that the name in this business is Politics!! "Men rise from one ambition to another: first, they seek to secure themselves against attack, and then they attack others.
Niccolo Machiave

Read more at «link»
LuciaBoy: It is very instructive to see that we addressing the idea of carpet bagging. I recall both the SLP and UWP imposing interlopers on us for years why are we making such a hue and cry about Allen Chastenet?
LuciaBoy: However, the problem of our politics hindering our development is based on the motives of the characters involved in our politics. Politics is supposed to be a calling now it is a way of life.
Guest_6712: True LuciaBoy. The politics of "me".
Guest_8980: The present speaker is using words that sound good to the ear, yet what we need is more than the words. We need ACTION !!!
Cicerongirl: What is this Pile on Guy the sequel? Choops. I guess she wants to make it clear that she is firmly in the Kenny band? Why did she have to bring Guy in this? Just talk about your section and leave de mun alone Smh
Guest_8980: She asked for 15 mins extra to tell us this ???? seriously ?


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