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  • Kaiso Quarters start tonight

    02 July 2015
    Despite the hiccups in the calypso tent programme, eleven calypsonians are down to face the judges tonight in the first of two quarter-final rounds of the National Calypso Monarch Competition. The show will be staged at the National Cultural Centre from 8.30. Member of Artistes Representing Themselves ART, the new umbrella body for calysonians, Ignatius ‘Invader’ Tisin, admits that the calypso tent programme encountered difficulties this season. However, he says participating calypsonians are excited about the quarter-finals. The next quarter-final show is slated for Sunday July 4, at the...
  • Panorama: 8 bands registered

    02 July 2015
    The sound of steel is alive and well for carnival 2015. Eight steelbands have been registered for Panorama 2015 The St. Lucia Steelbands Association (SLNA) says it is collaborating with the Carnival Planning and Management Agency (CPMA) to stage the 2015 National Panorama Competition.
  • St Lucia condemns EU tax blacklist

    02 July 2015
    St. Lucia is one of two members of the OECS not on the European Union’s  ‘blacklist’ of uncooperative Caribbean tax jurisdictions. However, the government is prepared to work with sister Caribbean territories to settle the issue. Fourteen Caribbean nations were cited by the European Union as international tax havens in a recent report entitled the "Action Plan for Fair and Efficient Corporate Taxation in the EU."  A news release from the Office of the Prime Minister quotes Dr. Anthony as saying, that "Whereas Saint Lucia was not on the list of jurisdictions that are supposedly no...
  • Isaac steps down

    01 July 2015
    Mary Isaac says she has submitted her resignation as general secretary of the St. Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA), effective yesterday, June 30.   But the embattled former president-turned-acting-general secretary says she will remain at the CSA office to “tie up some loose ends” for the remainder of the wee.’   In any case, Miss Issac says the executive has not formally accepted the resignation. In addition to this, she can remain on the executive as the Immediate Past President, according to the CSA constitution.   Asked whether her tenure as president and genera...
  • Challenging 2015 for ECCU

    01 July 2015
    The financial year ending March 31, 2015, was challenging one for member countries of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union.   That’s according to the Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, Sir Dwight Venner, writing in the Forward of the Annual Report.    With moderate economic recovery in the global economy, Sir Dwight said, the currency union experienced marginal growth and improvements in the fiscal performance of some of the member countries.   
  • Youth debate 2015/16 budget

    01 July 2015
    Saint Lucian youth will get an opportunity Thursday July 2 to debate the 2015 budget in the House of Parliament. The activity is being organized by the Caribbean Regional Youth Council in collaboration with a number of stakeholders. Organizers say the forum is aimed at engaging youth in constructive dialogue on matters of national interest. Mr. Ferdinand is encouraging the public to listen to the perspectives of youth on various matters and their recommendations for issues facing the island. Tomorrow’s youth parliamentary session will be held from 9am -12 pm.   

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Guest 1: so how do we know what is wrong and what is right? how do we know we shouldn't kill or steal....where did we get these moral values from? wasn't it the bible that was used to relay God's laws and moral values to us...all of a sudden people get too smart for themselves and now trying to sideline God's words..the same thing Satan did
Alex New York: There is NO middle ground with Christ......there is right and wrong.
Guest 1: exactly
Guest_8159: Great point Shelton. Gay person being free to come out will also drastically reduce on the number of persons who pretend to be straight,....get married only to hurt their families when they later announce that they are gay
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Alex...I Agree with you that there is no middle ground...but what if a person doesnt subscribe to the bible
Alex New York: People "can" do what they wish problem
BUT...if you say you are following are to prove such by keeping his commandments.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: My issue with gay marriage is that...correct me if I'm wrong...but marriage in its traditional sense is supposed to be the foundation upon which the family is supposed to be formed...and through marriage (which traditionally was supposed to qualify persons for sex and by extension procreation) the society ensured its survival through procreation then assimilation of its members into that society. But the proclamation that two people of the same sex can "MARRY" when this marriage cannot produce any biological offspring to me erodes the role of marriage in the traditional sense. I simply think that there are some things, that if for no other reason than the perceived sacredness in certain quarters should remain Sacred. And this is not me being a bigot or anti-gay...I it by another name...
Guest 1: Totally agree with it something else because God instituted marriage...don't use his term for your filth
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: In any event however, the role of most if not all societal institutions have been systematically eroded over the course of history to embrace perceived minorities for one reason or another. In other words, everybody wants to be accepted in the context of a society. And the society has to eveolve to be all embracing...that is 'the power of the powerless"
Alex New York: Some of the same people who critique the gays for not following Christ are those how expose their body....breast...butt and all.....string and small can see the pubic hair......all the while getting drunk in the street....
Alex New York: Confusion upon confusion.....parents dropping their kids at kid asking another...where is your come you have 2 daddies?
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: What we see now, is a more accepting society, and with all its benefits and social mobility simply means that we have to accept everybody...thats the power of precedence...Also Guest1...I would not refer to gays as people who engage in would not be my choice of lifestyle...but...according to the bible I am a fornicator...I am grateful that I am accepted into society even as a fornicator..."He who is without sin..." my only thing is that the erosion and redefinition of marriage.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: To me some things have to remain as sacred...Marriage in the traditional sense is one of them
Alex New York: are a "fornicator"...IF you are running around with different women....NOT if you are NOT married. Your lady IS your wife.....according to the bible.
Guest 1: Well it is, the bible said its an abomination meaning its yes you commit other sin but you don't wake up everyday and say let me sin today. with gays and even adulterers they live sin...they make it part of their lifestyle...
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Well...I used to be a fornicator
Alex New York: lol
Alex New York: Guy en take Bingo to court
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: The thing about minorities and groups within society that believe that they are marginalized or that the power they wield is such that if they are a cross section of other groups, marginalized or not, they possess a very varied point of view and as such they can coordinate an offensive with a blitz sort of effect.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: So for example, Gay people can be from any other social strata; (Rich and Gay, poor and gay, black gay, white and gay etc)...So the perspectives of all other groups can be understood
Alex New York: Most gays and lesbians are not satisfied with a civil union.They fight for the wording “married couple”. They are now suing “churches” who turn them away.
Chapels, City Hall...etc are all available to them, which will perform the ceremony...but some do not want this. They say...they HAVE the right to do this in a church....all the while (straight) people do it all over, in Chapels and at City halls....without any fuss about “rights”.
Guest_5639: I want a shoutout to all the Police officers. «link»
Alex New York: 5639...(sing de blues away) it was that easy
Weatherman: Good afternoon to u Shayne and all listeners of RSL 97 and also to all of you in the chat room
Weatherman: Hey Alex, whats up
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Hey Weatherman
Weatherman: yep
Weatherman: i'm fine
Weatherman: hi irreplcable
Weatherman: was resting
Weatherman: leaving now going studio
Guest_7572: u all giving bingo talk but two quarters finals makes a semi final, its semi finals.


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)