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  • Prime minister seeks bipartisan plan to finance new national hospital

    19 December 2014
    Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony says he will write to the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Gale Rigobert seeking a bipartisan plan to finance the new hospital complex along the Millennium Highway. Dr. Anthony made the call in parliament on Tuesday as the Millennium Heights Medical Complex Bill came up for its second reading. He said $40 million is needed to fund the nation’s hospitals and he wants both sides of the house to decide how that money could be raised. The Prime Minister’s plan is to set up a joint committee of Parliament to look at the overall issue of health care financing. The ...
  • Castries bus driver attacked

    19 December 2014
    A Castries bus driver is said to be recovering today after he was shot during an armed robbery last night. The driver has been identified as Hyacinth Sidonie; attached to the La Clery bus stand. According to La Clery Bus Drivers Association, Sidonie was returning to his Morne Du Don home when he was accosted by armed bandits. During the robbery, the bus driver is said to have been shot in the leg. The Public Relations Officer of the La Clery Bus Drivers Association – Victor Eugene says bus operators need to understand that it could no longer be business as usual. Mr. Eugene is calling f...
  • The Insignia towed out of Port Castries

    19 December 2014
    The Oceania Insignia sailed out of St Lucia; one week after a deadly fire in Port Castries that abruptly ended its ten day voyage. The Insignia was towed out of Port Castries around 10:30 last night by a tug boat out of Trinidad and Tobago. A number of crew members were aboard the cruise ship as it headed for Puerto Rico where it will undergo repairs. There were more than a thousand people aboard the Insignia when a fire erupted in its engine room last Thursday killing three crew members and sending another to hospital. The passengers, none of whom were injured, were flown out of the isl...
  • Homicide in Babonneau

    19 December 2014
    A Babonneau teenager is dead after he was attacked by a cutlass wielding man. The incident reportedly occurred at Paix Bouche Babonneau next to the popular restaurant – Pork Palace around 8:30 Thursday night. Babonneau police has identified the victim as 19 year old Kerry Louis. Police say he was involved in an altercation with another man who attacked him with a cutlass. Louis is said to have sustained chop wounds to the neck and face. He was rushed to Victoria Hospital via ambulance where he succumbed to his injuries. It’s unclear what started the fight. The alleged attacker, a 25 y...
  • Mary Isaac sworn in as Opposition Senator

    19 December 2014
    CSA President – Mary Isaac has taken the oath of allegiance; becoming the newest member of the St Lucia senate. Mrs. Isaac was officially sworn in during a senate meeting Thursday, replacing former Gros Islet MP Lennard Montoute. It came amid calls for a meeting of the CSA general membership to discuss her appointment as a representative of the opposition United Workers party. The call has come from the CSA member – Barthelmy Fedee who is the shop steward at LUCELEC. “I think the general membership should at least call a meeting and let us hear from Mary Isaac herself how is she going to...
  • Minister for Sustainable Development gives report on crucial UN climate change talks

    18 December 2014
    Saint Lucia’s Minister for Sustainable Development has returned home from the just ended UN climate talks in Peru. Dr. James Fletcher urged the international community to scale up donations to the Green Climate Fund which is intended to help Small Island developing states (SIDS) build resilience to climate change. The International Community has promised to invest 100 billion dollars in SIDS by 2020 but according to Dr. Fletcher this figure can’t be achieved unless donations are increased. He has also called for these climate change finances to be made more accessible to SIDS. The negoti...


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