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  • Abide by staff Orders until...

    03 July 2015
    The Staff Orders for the St. Lucia Public Service is a good law until it is challenged and set aside by the courts.   That’s the opinion of human rights attorney Mr Martinus Francois, who has been giving his perspective on the expressed interest of  civil servant Miss Jeanna Conielle to make herself available for the next general elections.   Miss Conielle’s declared political interest, disclosed on a TV talk show has sparked off media discussion about the political rights of active public servants, who are forbidden by Section 4.16 FROM “engaging in party political activi...
  • Caricom Summit: Growth & climate

    03 July 2015
    Caricom leaders opened their summit conference in Barbados yesterday with the disclosure that proposals would be made to stimulate growth in the economies of member states to overcome the debt burden.    Work is progressing towards establishing guidelines for a regime on fiscal rules to promote fiscal responsibility.   In his address to the conference, Secretary General Irwin Mr noted the stubbornly high unemployment rate can be bst tacked by private sector investment.    He said the business spirit of innovation, creativity and risk-taking is essential to succ...
  • Lutheran Church o same sex marriage

    03 July 2015
    The St. Lucia congregation of the Trinity Lutheran Church, which is based in Bisee, Castries, is promising not to support any marriage ceremony of couples of the same sex.   On May 26, the US Supreme Court handed down a verdict that effectively made same-sex marriage legal in all of the United States.   There is an expectation here that the ruling will influence social policy In St. Lucia and the wider Caribbean.  
  • Kaiso Quarters start tonight

    02 July 2015
    Despite the hiccups in the calypso tent programme, eleven calypsonians are down to face the judges tonight in the first of two quarter-final rounds of the National Calypso Monarch Competition. The show will be staged at the National Cultural Centre from 8.30. Member of Artistes Representing Themselves ART, the new umbrella body for calysonians, Ignatius ‘Invader’ Tisin, admits that the calypso tent programme encountered difficulties this season. However, he says participating calypsonians are excited about the quarter-finals. The next quarter-final show is slated for Sunday July 4, at the...
  • Panorama: 8 bands registered

    02 July 2015
    The sound of steel is alive and well for carnival 2015. Eight steelbands have been registered for Panorama 2015 The St. Lucia Steelbands Association (SLNA) says it is collaborating with the Carnival Planning and Management Agency (CPMA) to stage the 2015 National Panorama Competition.
  • St Lucia condemns EU tax blacklist

    02 July 2015
    St. Lucia is one of two members of the OECS not on the European Union’s  ‘blacklist’ of uncooperative Caribbean tax jurisdictions. However, the government is prepared to work with sister Caribbean territories to settle the issue. Fourteen Caribbean nations were cited by the European Union as international tax havens in a recent report entitled the "Action Plan for Fair and Efficient Corporate Taxation in the EU."  A news release from the Office of the Prime Minister quotes Dr. Anthony as saying, that "Whereas Saint Lucia was not on the list of jurisdictions that are supposedly no...

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Guest_8593: Hi Michael still want to do that review on the Laureate's Chair? Check me on facebook i will give you a number t. Call someone
Guest_6913: whats the number for whatsapp
Guest_3519: Great Tenison! I've always thought that St. Lucia have produced lots of great music! But the Great music is use too much for dirty Lyric! We must have the music we can play in our homes and for the kids too!
Guest_8967: Poszukuje opinii o tabletkach na odchudzanie Slimcea.

Ponoć bardzo skuteczne. Macie jakieś opinie na ich temat ?

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Guest_3669: Shelton you mentioned Le Paradis and Mr. Kierron Doldy. The gentleman passed away this year May 18th, I hope this doesn't bring about more problems on the project.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Good Morning to ALL!!!
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Accepting your comments here for 90minutes!!!
Guest_3669: Shelton you mentioned Le Paradis and Mr. Kierron Doldy. The gentleman passed away this year May 18th, I hope this doesn't bring about more problems on the project.
Guest_7931: Mr Vernon Francois should do the honourable thing and just resign. Do us all a favour
LuciaBoy: Sending Vernon Francois home is just scratching the surface in terms of rectifying the problems in the force and would be just window dressing if the more systemic issues are glossed over. The mindset of the police high command that brought about Operation Restore Confidence must be addressed with the greatest urgency. If as intimated by Mr. Regis that not endorsing the ORC was the reason for his demise, the fact that the others who replaced him had no compunction to carry out the operation speaks to a lack of professional integrity and a deficit of moral authority. But that is reflective of the all round leadership deficit the plagues the entire country.
Guest_7931: How can we have a commissioner who cannot represent us in the way that we are supposed to? He cannot attend any meetings funded by the US.
Guest_7931: This caller is on point. It was Rick Wayne who called the minister of legal affairs a jackass. Where is Clinton Reynolds?
lucianboi: hi a blessed good afternoon to one and all
lucianboi: who`s the person or guest on air???
Irreplaceable: HI ALL
Irreplaceable: BUSY AS A BEE
Irreplaceable: HI KEISHA
Guest_2950: Why is Shelton so obsessed with Gay Marriage? You do not want a gay marriage, then do not marry a gay.
Guest_6074: Nicholas Muduro is taking his cue from Valdimir Puttin and he thinks he is a Rogue, and can annex territory like Russia did.
Guest_6074: The economy in Venezuela is in dire straits, and Mr. Muduro needs to distract his people and take the focus away from his inefficiencies.
Guest_3564: Regarding the gay issue. I really think we are mixing a lot of far fetched issues. We should start getting worried about people marrying their animals, etc., when we see it on US TV. It was TV that sensitized Americans to accepting gays and giving them certain rights. They did that mainly with shows like Will and Grace, Glee, etc., etc. What's more important, many people realized they had gay children, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends, co-workers, etc. People started realizing that these were tax paying, law abiding citizens who should have the right to love who they love, and marry the consenting adult of their choice. They should have the right to visit their lover or husband, or wife at hospital, etc. I do not think most Americans have loved ones or know of friends who are in love with their pets, and who wants to marry a half dozen people, etc. It was the people who changed their opinion by over 60%, and they will be the ones to drive any such other acceptance of people marrying pets, etc. I think that is far fetched, and I do not think animal rights are recognized under any constitution. To equate animals to humans loving each other is a bit way out there.
Guest_4709: There should also have Cameras located in the Police Stations and Public Buildings to check on activities going in and out of those public places.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Good morning to ALL!!! Accepting your comments here for 90minutes!!!
Guest_7152: Good morning Shelton,
LuciaBoy: The statement by the PM regarding LIAT while commendable it masks the real reason why we will not invest which is our inability to meet that financial investment. We simply do not have the money. Having said that staying on the periphery and making such statement will not make LIAT better. To be able to call the shots effectively you have to be in the boardroom.
Guest_7152: as a frequent regional business traveler from Saint Lucia, I thought that I had to add my 5 cents. The position taken by the PM is a necessary but not sufficient condition. Our learned PM may have a point but it has not worked for the past 15 years of his tenure in office. I would have expected that in addition to the comments cited, the Pm would have proposed possible options for the way forward. All the Prime Ministers KNOW what the problem is but do not have the political will to do it. Nothing will change if we do not give leadership to the change process. LIAT should have been liquidated, all staff severed, relocate headquarters to Barbados or St. Luica, then register a brand new company. The management of company should be outsourced to an experience airline operator, as is done with hotel plants. It should also be declared a public good. Five years ago there was such plan at CARICOM but it would have cost approx $45Million to liquidate LIAT. Also former PM Manning of TNT had a proposal for a ferry service. what has happened? NADA!! So, we should all put up with getting stuck at airports or say nothing. Ultimately, LIAT should be declared a PUBLIC GOOD similar to Barbados transport board. Can the PM iagine the amount of business being lost by St Lucia - Hobbies, small hotels and guest houses, etc? The only way Regional integration will be a reality is when our people can have access to transportation.
Guest_1: I say we start our own airline...or invite other players to take on the task...its time we stop shouldering liat, its like trying to full a straw basket with water
Guest_5317: The governments of the region and dare I say the moribund CARICOM secretariat needs to take on the responsibility of solving the air transportation problem. We also need to appreciate the economic impact of LIAT on many sectors in the Caribbean, even whilst the airline remains unprofitable. With that realization, maybe it is time we agree that LIAT should not exist as a for profit organization, but instead as an entity who's primary purpose is to facilitate the movement of people throughout the region at affordable rates thus furthering our integration objectives. Take ownership of LIAT, reduce travel rates, increase trade, productivity and employment opportunities for our people and make the money there is to be made on the back end through taxation and increased consumer spending. Until such time we are captives in our own region, and our only get out of jail card cannot be a foreign airline.
Guest_7152: Exactly my point: a Public Good
Guest_5317: But that's the point, let's pay some other effect, the airline has been unprofitable regardless of the exorbitant ticket prices today....
Guest_7152: How Shelton? Management, management, management. The reason LIAT is not working is the lack of political will do what is right. We must break eggs to make ommlettes.
Guest_5317: But there is still no profit to date Mr. Daniel!


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