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  • Tamara Gibson-Marks barred from leaving St. Vincent

    29 August 2014
    There are new details in the case of Tamara Gibson-Marks; the St Lucia lawyer who has found herself in legal trouble in neighbouring St Vincent and the Grenadines. Vincentian immigration officials have barred Gibson-Marks from boarding a flight to St Lucia, according to published media reports. The St Lucian lawyer is currently on thirty thousand dollars bail on charges of theft and abuse of office in her former role as Registrar of the St Vincent and the Grenadines High Court. She pleaded not guilty to the charges when she appeared in court last week. Authorities say she was prevented...
  • Human rights advocate concerned about children begging on street corners

    29 August 2014
    Human rights advocate Felicia Brown has expressed concern about what she says is the increased number of children seen begging on street corners. According to Miss Brown the disturbing trend does not only happen in Saint Lucia but the wider Caribbean. This she believes puts children in a vulnerable position allowing them to be easily exploited by child predators. She has made an appeal for parents to be more vigilant of the whereabouts of their children. Miss Brown has also called on social agencies to investigate the matter.
  • Fatal accident in Vieux Fort

    29 August 2014
    One man was killed in an apparent freak accident in Vieux Fort yesterday. The accident occurred shortly before ten o’clock on New Dock Road. Police have not been able to confirm name of the victim; he is known by his alias Trini. Investigators say he was a homeless man who apparently walked into an on-coming trailer truck. Police is appealing for relatives of the deceased to identify his body.
  • The Shakespearian tragedy “Hamlet" to be staged in St. Lucia

    28 August 2014
    A world renowned theater company will be heading to Saint Lucia next month for a grand production. The Shakespeare Globe Theatre will for one night stage the epic Shakespearian tragedy “Hamlet” at the Gaiety in Rodney Bay. The Cultural Development Foundation and the Saint Lucia Tourist Board have thrown their support behind the activity as it presents several opportunities to the island. With a mandate to promote an international experience and an understanding of the works of William Shakespeare through education and performance, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre’s international Hamlet tour is ...
  • Task force appointed to determine whether St. Lucia should establish economic citizenship programme

    28 August 2014
    The Cabinet of Ministers has appointed a special task force to determine whether St Lucia should establish an economic citizenship programme. The announcement was made today in a statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister. The task force is being led by an eight-man team headed by former Prime Minister Dr. Vaughn Lewis. Its job is to examine whether Saint Lucia should establish an Economic Citizenship Programme as a new area of investment. Economic citizenship also referred to as citizenship by investment, essentially guarantees citizenship to any person who invests a specific s...
  • Bus operators respond to calls for improved bus system

    28 August 2014
    The National Council on Public Transportation has been responding to calls for improved standards in the bus system. The calls were made by the National Consumers Association against the backdrop of an impending increase in bus fares. However, NCOPT President Godfrey Ferdinand has defended bus drivers saying that the standard of service is constantly improving. Mr. Ferdinand says the majority of bus drivers strive to provide the best customer service to passengers. However he believes that isolated incidents of bad service are being used to generalize all mini-bus operators. Bus prices ar...


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Guest_1128: like right now!!!!!!!!!! lol
lucianboi: Mr Paul I'm blasting RSL here in Barbados , rsl all the way
Guest_7217: nice big tunes tony
Guest_1128: Dont have a choice here in Georgia
Guest_1128: He's making Saturday morning worth staying home
lucianboi: yea but I cant stay home have to go and do the government work
Guest_1128: I'll take in your portion. double dose for me. i'm havin FUN
lucianboi: hi peeps I'm off to work , I love this song haven't heard it in a while
lucianboi: have a blessed day peeps and to you Mr Paul enjoy
tony paul: appreciate all the love my peeps
Guest_7217: hey man tony cant leave my house yet good old memories great tunes loud and clear in montreal
tony paul: thank you very much
tony paul: montreal
tony paul: these are to me st lucian classics
Guest_7217: yestony iam seeing you right here iwas in Andre claas laclery primary schoolSt rose nice to see
tony paul: good to know you are keeping in touch with us here at home rose
Guest_7217: sure man tony real lucian good music St rose Francis Montreal
tony paul: oh francis st rose
tony paul: of course i remember you la clery massive
Guest_7217: yestony iam leaving now trying to enjoy what left of summer next time home iwill check you take tell andre isaid hi
Guest_7217: say hello to Andre for me
tony paul: sure will' take care
Shayne Ross: Hey Yo!!!
Shayne Ross: Where are you guys at today?
Shayne Ross: Represent yourself
Shayne Ross: taking shout outs!!!
Guest_6658: Wooooooyyyyyyyeeeeeee
Shayne Ross: Shouting out to all of you locked on...lemme know that youre here
lucianboi: hi a blessed good morning to all my Rsl peeps
Guest_2018: Hey guys, is there a problem with the site. Have not been able to make a connection since yesterday
lucianboi: hi 2018 a blessed good morning to you , I was just checking to see if its back on, where are you base?2018
Guest_2604: Georgia. A blessed good morning to you to. I wanted to listen to lecture hall today
Guest_2604: Can't explain how I feel not being able to listen to rsl
Guest_2604: Hey DJ
lucianboi : hi a blessed good morning to all my rsl peeps
lucianboi : hi dj good morning sir


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