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  • Petrol up by 64 cents

    26 May 2015
    Motorists are now paying twelve dollars and seventy-seven cents a gallon for gasoline today. The price moved up by sixty-four cents when the latest adjustments in fuel prices were announced on Monday. Diesel has also increased by thirty cents and there has been a slight increase in kerosene.There has been a decrease in the price of bulk LPG and the one hundred pound cylinder of cooking gas which has gone down by four dollars and twenty-eight cents. The price of the twenty and twenty-two pound cylinders of cooking gas remains unchanged. The next fuel price adjustments will be made on Mond...
  • New rules for WASCO dredging fees

    26 May 2015
    The National Water and Sewerage Commission is moving to strengthen the supervision of payments made towards the dredging of the John Compton dam. St Lucians are paying around ten percent on their monthly water bills to WASCO to help clean up silt that has built up in the dam. The Commission has released additional conditions for managing those “Dredging Fees”. The new conditions went into effect last week Monday. The National Water and Sewerage Commission is the agency responsible for regulating the delivery of water and sewerage services in Saint Lucia. 
  • Lucelec explains blackout

    26 May 2015
    For more than three hours this morning, St Lucia was plunged into darkness. The power blackout began around 2:15 and lasted until 5:30 when service was fully restored across the island. LUCELEC says it was caused by a faulty generator at its Cul De Sac power station. It says some of the systems designed to prevent a nationwide blackout appears to have failed. Goodwin D’Auvergne is LUCELEC’s Chief Engineer. LUCELEC says further investigations into the root cause of the shutdown are continuing.
  • Carnival floodgates open

    24 May 2015
    The carnival season officially opens tomorrow with a promised celebration of music and colour at Samaan’s Park today. Director of Carnival, Mr Teddy Francis, says that many of the stakeholders of carnival appear to be focused this year and the Carnival Planning and Management Agency (CPMA) is anticipating a fantastic start to ‘Mas 2015’. Mr Francis says today’s launch will open the floodgates into eight weeks of intense carnival fetes, competitions and a celebration of music, color and creativity. Carnival Bands will seize the opportunity to showcase their costumes, themes and fetes for 2...
  • The country benefited' - Sen. Tobierre

    24 May 2015
    Government Senator, Debra Tobierre, has responded to  opposition pot-shots that the Construction Stimulus programme some two years ago was designed to benefit her Vieux Fort-based hardware store, “True Value”. Under the Construction Stimulus the government partnered with firms to reduce prices to consumers on selected building materials. The claims were repeated sarcastically during senate debate on the Appropriations Bill. But Senator Tobierre called the remarks “malicious and “misinformation’.
  • Minister reports progress at Registry

    24 May 2015
    Increased revenue collection was among the many positive developments in the review of the last financial year, with the ministry of legal affairs making a contribution. Presenting the Appropriations Bill in the Senate, leader of Government Business, Senator Victor Phillip LaCorbiniere, said his ministry has shown increases in revenue collection, thanks to improvements at the Registry of Civil Status. Senator Lacorbiniere also reported a significant growth in the number of records processed at the civil status registry.

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Mae Clercent: just reached home and im tuned in
Mae Clercent: but its breaking up like hell
Cyah b lv: Sa ka fet messier et medame, bonjour toute mon
Guest_9921: Greetings. I am a Roman Catholic and the more I read on Vat II the more I see German Freemasonary and Rosicrucianism weaved into it.

I fully support Fr Clovis, the question is how do we Catholics take back our church?
Cyah b lv: Tough one here. I too am a strong Catholic, not the greatest of Christians by far, but when a number of persons, in particular those in leadership positions engage in illegal acts, immoral acts and out right deviant behavoiur even worst than I could ever imagine engaging in, you will have issues to correcting and righting wrongs.
Guest_8524: whats 90 min phone number?
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: 4523959
Cyah b lv: To take back the church I believe one must first move to admonish those who have done wrong to the flock and are there ever blessed day, preaching high and mighty and giving believers the guilt trip
Cyah b lv: On the gay rights issue, I am not going to start judging, but I do hate person even strainght fanatics shoving things on me as accept it or be called a bigot, an idiot or all other nasty things they will call each other. Same to be said about the highly moral phycopants
Guest_9921: Can Fr Clovis speak to the Archbishop's restoration to duty of Fr Quinlan?
Cyah b lv: 9921 u troublesome good question though
Cyah b lv: The attack on our church, will you characterize it in line with your last statement of members turning away form the faith or bunch of animals out to do mischief?
Cyah b lv: The West always wants to shove its my way or no way, see the rise of those crazy islamist
Cyah b lv: Why hasn't the faith defend our Lady as vehemently as Islam who call her I believe ISSA?
Guest_8208: Ah! Pope Clovis de Santa Lucia. Pope Francis is realistic and pragmatic. Fr. Clovis, do you believe in the infallibility of the Holy Father?
Guest_8208: Fr Clovis, what are your views on annulment? is Ok for the Church to Annual a marriage which produced children who were already aged 25 years? After 25 years, the Church is saying that the marriage was never consummated? I'm listening.
Guest_7607: I am surprised at the comments from Fr Clovis. His views seems to be at variance with Catholic teaching. Catholics believe in the doctrine of papal infalliblity which states that the pope is preserved from the possibility of error "When, in the exercise of his office as shepherd and teacher of all Christians, in virtue of his supreme apostolic authority, he defines a doctrine concerning faith or morals to be held by the whole Church." Does he not believe this catholic teaching? What does his bishop think of what he is saying there now?
Guest_8203: It was alleged that Pope John Paul I, was murdered because of his radical views, listening to Father Clovis, this current Pope may be in trouble.


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