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  • Walleigh is the 2014 Calypso Monarch

    20 July 2014
      Wulstan “Walleigh” Alfred is the new Calypso Monarch of Saint Lucia. Walleigh delivered two well-received renditions of Street Vibes and Stitch Reform to wrest the crown from Minelle who placed 2nd on Saturday at the Beausejour Cricket Grounds. He scored 737 points to win the 2014 Calypso Monarch also capturing the most Humorous Calypso prize with this song “Street Vibes”. Defending monarch Minelle secured second place with 720 points singing “The Power of Words” and “Back Pain”. Nintus took third place scoring 717 points for “Cultural Revival” and “Square Holes”, w...
  • Prime Minister Kenny Anthony address African American Hoteliers and Investors

    18 July 2014
    Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony is the keynote speaker at the 18th Annual International African American Hotel Ownership and Investment Summit and Trade Show, in Miami. At Friday's event Dr. Anthony will speak on the topic of “Investment and Incentive Opportunities in Saint Lucia”.  The 3-day educational summit is designed to educate attendees on becoming a hotel owner or investor, share minority investment trends, explore supplier opportunities, how to market to minorities and diversity issues affecting the industry. Prime Minister Anthony says he is delighted that he has bee...
  • A 19 year old to face charges in Faux A Chaud Homicide

    18 July 2014
    A 19 year old of Hospital Road, Castries is to face charges in last weekend’s Faux A Chaud Homicide. On Thursday July 17, 2014, Police charged Akim George for the death of 30 year old Vinton “Tanny” Clement of Faux A Chaud, Castries. George is scheduled to make a court appearance at the First District Court in Castries on Friday, July 18, 2014. Vinton Clement was shot at Faux A Chaud, Castries on Saturday, July 11, 2014 about 11:20 p.m. and was pronounced dead at Victoria Hospital. A post mortem examination conducted on Tuesday July, 15, 2014 indicated hemorrhagic shock secondary to gun...
  • Health Minister Meets with Construction worker following death on site

    18 July 2014
    The island’s Health Minister has met with construction workers of the new St. Jude Hospital, following a freak accident which led to the death of one of the workers. 50 year old Julius Ferguson is reported to have received a cut to his throat from a small grinder. Hon. Alvina Reynolds says workers have been given time off to help cope with the traumatic event. She says the Health Ministry has embarked on counseling sessions for the  workers. The Minister for Health extends sympathies to the family and friend of Julius Ferguson.
  • Police reveal Traffic plans for Carnival Monday and Tuesday

    18 July 2014
    The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has revealed the traffic management plan to facilitate carnival celebrations next week Monday and Tuesday. Parking in certain areas of the city will be prohibited and special arrangements are in place to regulate traffic between the north of the island and the city. According to Corporal Aniel Innocent of the Police Press Relations Officer “Persons who are traveling to Castries from the north shall utilize the Grand Riviere road. That is the back road or if vehicles have gotten to the Allan Bousquet highway they can continue using the Morn Du Don- Balata...
  • Human Rights Group , United and Strong distributes Condoms for Carnival

    18 July 2014
    United and Strong has donated almost six thousand (6,000) condoms to help keep Saint Lucian revellers safe this carnivalseason. Five carnival bands this week received commodities to include in costume packages for their members. Thousands of revellers will take to the street next week for Saint Lucia’s biggest annual cultural event, known for heavy partying during the season, culminating in serious revelling on carnival Monday and Tuesday. These conditions increase the risk for unprotected sex leading to pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. “United and Strong expects the read...
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Guest_2517: oo
JayR: Clinton Clearly you are Clueless..... lol but we shall see
Tosa: As a young and upcoming artiste at 16 i would love to see J mouse pick it up and i hope for my sake he is a one hit wander cause i'm coming next year lookout for tosa
Castries South: nah 3rd place our Ricky T
Castries South: nah dem results not good
Cicerongirl: Sad for Ricky T but at least Arthur can actually sing . He doesn't just think he can
Me: yay for arthur!!
Guest_7791: Fair results for the groovy. Power zero winner and one loser SLU carnival
Guest_8685: That good told you'll j mouse needed training
Tosa: Ezra
Me: yay for ezra!!!
Me: Ppl. Mantius that shoulda win. We need some peace and love with all that rowrow going on.
Guest_8685: Congrats Ezra good going for first time
Cicerongirl: mate beat Kakal! that's pure batiz
Guest_7791: Good song Ezra but can't sing to save his life. Epic failure IMO
Guest_7791: Congrats Ezra and no disrespect but our radio DJ's need to stop pushing the music they benefit from
Castries South: i am not very please with the results
Castries South: it lack everything pure disappointment
Me: Obviously the crowd pleasers were the only ones to make it in the top for power soca. so if you have a good song, performance and can sing on key.. that wouldnt matter if the crowd didnt go wild for you.
Castries South: margee
Guest_8685: i dont know where the commentators were right here
Guest_8685: ull kept saying hurt it
Castries South: road march for J mouse
Guest_8685: we will not be listening finally live tv
Guest_7791: Crowd pleasing should complement quality instead of crowd pleasing determining quality.
Guest_1224: who won
Guest_6829: Groovy Monarch top three:
Guest_6829: 3rd Ricky T -365 pts
Guest_6829: 2nd Ambi - 368 pts
Guest_6829: 1st Arthur - 378pts
Guest_6829: Power Monarch results
Guest_6829: 3rd place - J mouse "hurt it" -347points
Guest_6829: 2nd place - Ambi "Free" - 350 pts
Guest_6829: 1st place - Ezra (de fun machine) "Bacchanal Rampage" - 366 pts


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