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  • Human trafficking arrests

    28 February 2015
    St. Lucia Police have made several arrests in an alleged human trafficking ring that extended from Nepal. The wife of a retired former government minister was said to be among those detained when police raided a residence late friday. Police were said to be acting on information that internet advertising had been luring people from certain Asian countries to come here for schooling and work in the hospitality industry, with a further opportunity to obtain visas to the United States. The cost of a package of immigration, study, employment and US visa services were allegedly sold for as much as...
  • SLBS enforces electrical safety

    28 February 2015
    The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards has withdrawn a number of electrical appliances from the market over health and safety concerns. An assessment revealed that the appliances did not meet the required standards for plugs and socket-outlets. The SLBS says the faulty appliances could cause fires and users are susceptible to electric shocks. Hubert Reynolds is the head of the compliance department at the SLBS.
  • Ist woman acting PM

    26 February 2015
    The Saint Lucia Labor Party has extended congratulation to Hon. Emma Hippolyte on becoming the first woman to act in the position of prime minster. The Gros Islet MP assumed the post on February 25th as the island’s Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony is off island on government business.  
  • Ministry responds to Mary Isaac

    26 February 2015
    The Ministry of the Public Service has taken umbrage at what it says are “distasteful, false and insolent” comments made by CSA President Ms Mary Isaac regarding time-off to attend Thursday morning’s counter-petition meeting. According to a statement issued by the ministry earlier today, the CSA had by latter dated 18th February, 2015, requested permission to grant time off to members in accordance with Order 4. 17 of the Staff Orders of the Public Service of Saint Lucia and Article 5.2 of the Collective Agreement between the Government of Saint Lucia and the CSA to attend an “Extra-Ordinar...
  • CSA Second Petition Approved

    26 February 2015
    The Civil Service Association held an extra-ordinary general meeting today; the second within a month, to decide on the future of President Mary Isaac. The members’ present voted overwhelmingly to retain the current executive. 248 CSA members attended the meeting. 166 voted to keep the executive unchanged, one person voted against the petition and 14 people abstained. Miss Isaac said the results were a vote of confidence in the Executive.
  • Two giants; two heroes

    24 February 2015
    (Photos Sir George & Sir John) A total of thirty-three people have been honoured on the occasion of St. Lucia’s 36th anniversary of independence. The awards have been made in several categories under the National Honours and Awards Act. Topping the list are national leaders Sir George F L Charles and Sir John G M Compton, who were honoured posthumously under the National Heroes Order.


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Princess 97: Entrepot Seconday is having their BBQ tomorrow.
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Guest_3317: liking the Groovy Soca vybes!!!!!!
Guest_3317: Keep it coming
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Bonmchale: Greeting listeners
Guest_Georgie: Good morning Michael, hope all is well with you and the staff of RSL. This calypso was an old fav. Glad to hear it again
Guest_2023: Oh yeah......
Guest_6500: Thanks for the music keeps my sanity in tack on a very rainy day in Hollywood FL. Love you all much ,still relaxing on my bed.
Guest_6740: Mr. and Mrs. ( Gaspard and Keisha ) Bom Cahleh at Government house really sound mellow and reserved this Sunday afternoon, like dey say a time and place for everything... Whoooooeeee
Guest_6836: Save Our Sisters (SOS) Inc, an NGO, that was established as of January 15, 2015 to help combat the violence against women in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and other regions has been officially approved by the US Federal Government as a 501c3 organization that can receive tax deductible contributions.

Our website is up and running with lots of information about violence against women, as well as advice for women who are currently living in these types of situations. We are in the process of applying for grants so that we can establish a women's shelter in SVG as a safe haven for women in crisis as well as provide these women and their families with the necessary support to overcome these abuses. The website can be accessed at:

We hope that the public will be supportive in helping us to help these women. Together, we can all make a difference. Former US President, John F. Kennedy said "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Vincentians, this is our time to come together and make a difference.

Thank you very much for your anticipated support...


Helena R. Edwards
Save Our Sisters (SOS), Inc.
Guest_8314: Think about that St Lucian family this(SOS) is right at your door step time to support. You know what they say about one good turn?


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