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  • Special Police Constable charged with causing harm to a man

    31 July 2014
    A Special Police Constable has been slapped with a charge for causing harm to a man while in police custody at the Soufriere Police Station. On Wednesday, July 30, 2014, officers attached to the Choiseul Police Station preferred charges against Special Police Constable (SPC) 57 Gaulbert Jules attached to the Soufriere Police Station for the offence of harm. He appeared before the Second District Court in Soufriere and was bailed in the sum of Three Thousand Dollars ($3000.00) cash or suitable surety. He is scheduled to reappear before the Second District Court on August 13, 2014. It is...
  • Police confiscate firearms

    31 July 2014
    Police have confiscated  firearms during two seperation operations this week. On Tuesday, July 29, 2014, a search warrant was executed on the premises of 20 year old Kervin St. Ville of L’Abayee, Bexon. During the search, an 8mm pistol was recovered. As a result, St. Ville and two other occupants present at the residence were arrested.   On Wednesday, July 30, 2014, officers charged St. Ville along with 22-year-old Marvin Joseph of Morne D’Or and 29-year-old Shirleyann Smith of Vanard, Anse La Raye for Possession of an Unlicensed Firearm. Marvin Joseph was also charged with an a...
  • Prime Minister has met with NICE workers for discussion on the island’s economic situation.

    31 July 2014
    Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, other members of the Cabinet of Ministers and officials from the National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE) Project Unit, met with individuals employed under the employment initiative in two separate meetings this month. On Tuesday, July 15, 2014, staff in the north of the island gathered at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School, while those who work in the south met yesterday, Tuesday, July 29, 2014,  at the Vieux-Fort Primary School. In each instance over five hundred workers attended the meeting. At Tuesday’s meeting, the Prime M...
  • Man charged for slaughtering island's protected animal

    31 July 2014
    A man has been charged for slaughtering one of the island’s protected animals. The matter was brought to the attention of forestry officials after photos of the iguana slaying were posted on social media. This prompted a swift investigation by the surveillance unit of the Forestry Department. It is an offence to capture or slaughter the Saint Lucian iguana under the wildlife and protection act. The Forestry Department is continuing to appeal for public cooperation in protection the iguana. Forestry Officials say the Saint Lucian Iguana represents a unique population of this species.&nbs...
  • Saint Lucia Civil Society Views on Sustainable Development for submission to SIDS 3 International Conference, September Samoa

    31 July 2014
    The Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) is partnering with the Ministry of Sustainable Development to seek the views of Saint Lucia’s civil society and non-governmental organizations on their priorities for national sustainable development to be presented to the Small Island Developing States conference in September. There are intense negotiations at the international level to set a global development agenda for the 2015-30 period. At the same time, Small Island Developing States are negotiating the Barbados +20 agenda for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing states, which...
  • Health Officials dispel myths surrounding Chikungunya

    29 July 2014
    Health Officials have sought to dispel what they say are myths surrounding the vector –born disease Chikungunya. National Epidemiologist, Nahum Jn. Batiste noted that to date research has shown that Chikungunya is a mosquito transmitted illness despite suggestions that it is an air borne disease. He also dismissed claims of fatal cases of Chikungunya on the island. Though in most cases Chikungunya is not fatal, there are currently no antiviral medicines for treatment of the illness. It is characterized by fever and joint pain after the virus incubates in a person's system for as little a...
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Guest_5389: Hey I'm not getting on to sheltons New show what's up with the live streaming
Nkrumah: Its on now
Nkrumah: There should a video stream and the audio stream....
thebaconnation: my question is: what they believe in the illuminati? and do they think they're playing a part in our country
Guest_2825: rsl work on the live streaming
Guest_2825: good topic
Guest_5389: I tried again...not getting thru
Guest_2825: working now
Guest_5389: Ok well...I'm lost
Nkrumah: try Refreshing the page
thebaconnation: its working
tapon house"90: We are still shackled today. Emancipation was just a play of words. Watch Henry gates work on blacks in Brazil, Cuba, Mexico and Peru. Blacks were never emancipated.
tapon house"90: seriously Shelton, Personal emancipation? Myth bro. If the institutions of social change do not recognize your existence or always recognize you as others, how do you expect black people to ever feel liberated?
Nkrumah: I do not think persons need necessarily wait for institutions to change for people to begin to liberate themselves.
Nkrumah: However I do not think personal liberation is separate from the wider social context.
tapon house"90: but how can you have personal liberation when social liberation is damn near impossible
tapon house"90: watch henry gates jr documentaries on blacks in the new world, especially in central and latin america
tapon house"90: did not say damn because of anger but as a point of emphasis
Nkrumah: I have seen some of it. Not always impressed by him but this documentary seems to be useful.
tapon house"90: yep
Nkrumah: I disagree with this caller talking about it being about property rights
Nkrumah: Education here is mainly about economics...
tapon house"90: great points NK, yep property in noway comes in here
Nkrumah: I will not say not at all but there is way more than that
Guest_1232: Accepting your comments here for 90 minutes!!!
ms: Shelton, when we stop looking to man for being emancipated and look to the Great Creator (God) who gave us this great novel (the bible) tells us from Genesis to Revelation, tells us where we came from and where we will be going. The greatest history book is the Bible.
ms: From the beginning man has failed us, and they will continue to fail us if we continue to look to them for answers. Man is of a depraved nature. Shelton we cannot live life depending on the arm of flesh. God sent His son Jesus to this sinful world, in the form of man to emancipate us and we have refused to accept Him and take Him at His word. God is listening to us and we sure making Him look as a joker. My people, emancipate yourselves from man and cling to Jesus.
Guest_2724: hey
Guest_2724: i want to know what station to go on to listen the wind islands school games ??
Guest_5051: As far as I am concerned the whole Star needs to shut down.
Guest_1557: Good morning to all!!!
Guest_1557: Accepting your comments for 90 minutes!!!
Guest_1557: The topic for discussion today...REPARATIONS!!!
Shayne Ross: Accepting your comments here for 90minutes!!!
Guest_6212: Hey wassup RSL! We would like to hear music from Yung G!!!


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