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  • Monchy Housing Project complete

    30 January 2015
    Applicants under the second phase of the Conway Re-location Project have received the keys to their homes. Housing Minister Senator Stanley Felix, says the project consists of 42 housing units under free price tags. Housing units in this phase of the project should cost under $200,000, but cabinet is expected to make a final determination next week. The project was a collaboration of the National Housing Corporation and the Ministry of Housing, Physical Development and Urban Renewal. The implementing agency is the National Housing Corporation.
  • Commerce Minister responds public concerns over pension age

    30 January 2015
    The island’s Commerce Minister responds to public concerns over the move by the NIC to increase the retirement age for a full National Insurance pension to 65. The policy which took effect on January 1st has stirred public debate. Hon. Emma Hippolyte believes politics is clouding public judgment on the policy. According to her the most pressing issue that should be discussed is the sustainability of the island’s social security program. Meanwhile the Police Commissioner Vernon Francois says the policy poses challenges to some members of the police force. The Saint Lucia Fire Service Wel...
  • Large crowds turn-out for UWP demonstration

    30 January 2015
    An Opposition led demonstration to protest the government’s economic policies brought hundreds of St Lucians out into the streets of Castries Thursday. The placard-bearing demonstrators chanted slogans as the marched from the Vigie Playing Field to the William Peter Boulevard. Some demonstrators we spoke to said they travelled from the south of island to join the march. The United Workers party said the demonstrators number several hundreds. UWP Political Leader, Allen Chastanet said he was pleased by the turnout. The march ended with a rally on the William Peter Boulevard where party l...
  • There's no policy that restricts officers from wearing dreadlocks- Police Commissioner

    30 January 2015
    Police Commissioner, Vernon Francois says there is no specific policy that restricts police officers from wearing their hair in dreadlocks. Commissioner Francois made the pronouncement follow news that Barbados had banned its officers from using the hairstyle which is becoming increasingly popular, especially among women with natural hair. However, he says the Royal St Lucia Police Force does have a policy which establishes guidelines for the proper grooming of officers. Mr. Francois says the police force is more concerned about the professional appearance of its officers and their adhere...
  • Saint Lucians urged to " Be Prepared Ahead of the Flu Season"

    30 January 2015
    Seasonal influenza affects many thousands of people in the Caribbean each year, and as the 2015 season approaches, the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) is urging persons to practice good personal hygiene in order to reduce the risk of transmission of influenza and other respiratory viruses. Executive Director, CARPHA, Dr C. James Hospedales, states that the “primary form of influenza transmission is through interpersonal contact.” He adds that “given elevated flu activity in the United States, combined with the high travel season to the Caribbean, it is important that people take the...
  • St. Lucia Marketing Corporation says claims that fishers have not been paid are false

    30 January 2015
    The Saint Lucia Marketing Corporation says a claim that fishermen have not been paid for nine months, is false. General Manager of the Corporation, Vaughan Charles, explains the payment record. Charles says some fishermen have been paid up to the middle of 2014 and arrangements are being made to clear the backlog. Vaughan Charles says all dolphin sales from the fishermen have been paid.


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Weatherman: RE Loaded, new pilot and passengers,
Weatherman: hello Keisha, if u listen and princess 97
Cicerongirl: Good afternoon Mintek
UK Allyson Henry(Mr): hello my brother DJ Mintek
lucian roots: hi to everyone in the chatroom
Cicerongirl: Hi Lucian roots
lucianboi: a blessed good evening to one and all
lucianboi: hi Cicerongirl gevening
lucianboi: UK Allyson, weatherman gevening
Cicerongirl: Good afternoon Lucianboi
lucianboi: whats up Cicerongirl
Weatherman: hello Lucian Roots
lucianboi: hi Lucian roots gevening
Guest_9814: Can We some of your sweet soca mindteck
Cicerongirl: Tuuuuuune second class love woooooooy
Cicerongirl: Oh gosh! My tunes from my ESS days :D
lucianboi: hi DJ Mintek good eveing my brother
Cicerongirl: Blast from the past woooooooy
Weatherman: run d track Mr.DJ
Weatherman: volume pumped up, wit master blaster
Cicerongirl: l my boy RickyT heeeeeey yay
Cicerongirl: A A Keisha my girl :D
Susie Los Angeles: I'm here heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
UK Allyson Henry(Mr): I there too
UK Allyson Henry(Mr): Tell Mintek his aunt not home but i have passed on his greetings
UK Allyson Henry(Mr): slave driver lol
UK Allyson Henry(Mr): heyyyyyyyyyy
UK Allyson Henry(Mr): omg you wanna kill me
UK Allyson Henry(Mr): noo
UK Allyson Henry(Mr): sounds like hard work
UK Allyson Henry(Mr): Keisha is the expert on it
Cicerongirl: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
UK Allyson Henry(Mr): sounds like one
UK Allyson Henry(Mr): u see, u know it
Cicerongirl: I can do that one Keisha. Hoolahoop lol
Cicerongirl: Woooooooy


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