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  • Walk for Freedom

    30 July 2015
    T The St. Lucia Natural Trust in collaboration with Volunteer St. Lucia will be commemorating Emancipation day Saturday August 1st with an activity called “Walk the Freedom”. The event begins in the Vieux Square and participants will proceed west along the Vieux Fort \Laborie highway to Coco-Dan, where they will discuss emancipation, the history of Vieux Fort and the lasting impact of slavery. Cyril Saltibus is the National Volunteer Coordinator and a member of the St. Lucia National Trust Southern Chapter. Organizers are inviting all interested persons to be a part of the Emancipation Day...
  • Sir Dwight on risky banking sector

    30 July 2015
    Banking is a risky business in the OECS and efforts have to be made to increase business and protect the money of depositors.   These are two justifications for new banking legislation put forward last evening by the Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), Sir K. Dwight Venner.   Sir Dwight rallied the regional media in a discussion via live video stream from ECCB headquarters in St. Kitts and Nevis.   Sir Dwight said the fall of the regional insurance giants CLICO and BAICO has had a marked effect on the regional financial sector.    
  • Chastanet 'degrees' saga on FB

    30 July 2015
    Political leader of the United Workers Party Mr Allen Chastnet has purportedly released images on social media of his academic qualifications. The move is thought to be Mr Chastanet’s response to numerous calls from political opponents and the public at large to publicly disclose his academic credentials.  Mr. Chastnet used his facebook account on Thursday to put the controversy surrounding his academic qualifications to rest when he posted images of what appears to be certificates of degrees he acquired from Bishops University and the American University.
  • Ciceron resident is 13th murder victim

    30 July 2015
    A Ciceron resident is dead following a shooting incident at Mon Du Dorn early this morning. He has been identified by Police as 35 year old Tennyson Lionel. Mr. Lionel has been arrested before on drug related offences and was also the victim of a chopping incident in Castries last year. Police Press relations officer Zachary Hippolyte says investigations into the matter are ongoing.
  • Speaker pledges to enforce the rules

    29 July 2015
    Speaker of the House of Assembly, Hon. Peter Foster, has formally apologized to members and the people of St. Lucia for the July 7TH exchange with opposition member Hon. Guy Joseph.   But Mr Foster has also reminded members that the authority is vested in him to enforce the rules.   Addressing members at a sitting yesterday, Mr Foster did not specifically make mention of the prolonged exchange on July 7TH. However, he recalled that recent events fell far short of House rules; his expectations; and the expectations of the people.   He said, “to the people of St. Lucia, I ...
  • VF mayor joins appeal

    29 July 2015
    The mayor of Vieux Fort South Winall Joshua has expressed concern about the wellbeing of individuals affected by the devastating house fires in the constituency last Sunday. About 15 people were left homeless after several houses were gutted by the blaze. Mr. Joshua is encouraging Saint Lucians to provide relief to the fire victims. Mr. Joshua says efforts are underway to remove the debris from the fire scene. He is hoping with community and government support the fire victims can start rebuilding their homes.

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Guest_5987: A lot of police officers sit back in the force for years do nothing to improve themselves do very little work because they are senior and wait for promotion because they are senior and only because they are senior
Guest_5987: u have probationers in most of the out stations doing the brunt of the work whilst the seniors slouch I do not submit to the notion that officers should or professionals in any other profession should be promoted just based on seniority
Guest_5987: I am very much satisfied with the promotions process this year and believe that for once it was carried out fairly
Cicerongirl: Good afternoon DJ Mintek
Guest_5793: n order to sustain fresh water supplies in California in the future, advocates for conservation say more focus should be placed on recycling waste water.
Guest_5793: Is this an error on your part? The same Government Notebook news package which was aired yesterday is being aired this morning. Sorry for the previous post.
Guest_3342: shane this Freelance Journalist Marius Modeste listining for Havana, local music today? can i hear somthing by Veda James
Guest_3342: Shane this Freelance Journalist Marius Modeste listining for Havana, local music today? can i hear somthing by Veda James
Guest_3342: U announcing you have a chart room I commented about 7am and its 8.26 not a word from you see the last time i post
Guest_3342: thats ok
Guest_2873: Politics is the act of compromise.
Guest_8135: Regarding the Allen Chastenet academic certificate issue:
There are no set qualifications for entering politics, or for being a party leader, or even to be Prime Minister. However, if a person presents themselves as a candidate asking the electorate to elect him or her to run the country, if the electorate request to review their CV, their qualifications, and their past performance, that candidate should submit to that scrutiny as part of the job process. This is standard operating procedure in any job seeking process. The people have a right to question their candidates. Why not the same for Mr. Chastenet?

In today’s technical and records management environment, most records are easily verifiable. Employers usually verify one’s qualifications before employment. I think we need to do the same with each and every one who presents themselves to serve the people of St. Lucia.
Guest_9388: Let me tell you something. If Chastanet had EVER scanned his certificate and post it in full colour online, St Lucians (more so SLP supporters) would shout...FAKE, BOGUS, DOCTORED, PHOTOSHOPPED, blah blah blah. You cannot satisfy Lucians.
Guest_9388: Shelton is coming down hard on Chastanet this morning in terms of his leadership qualities. Since the certification issue is now "settled" plan B must be implemented. Go Shelton go. Emasculate him.
Guest_2873: 9388 It's already happening on SLAP.
Guest_5173: Marriage is ENTIRELY a human invention. The definition can change at anytime
Guest_5173: In fact marriage really began as a barter system; where female children were exchanged for goods
Guest_4980: Mr.Daniel, Good morning to you and your guest.Great preamble.i would just like to encourage you to keep up the good work that you are doing without a doubt you are under attack by persons who cannot relate to the truth at a time in our history when we need positive debate on issues programmes like yours lends itself to just that.Always remember Critics never offer a realistic alternative to what they are critizing. BRAVO!!!!!
Guest_9388: You see its when we keep on changing things and shifting goalposts that we end up in all sorts of compromising situations. If the definition of marriage can be changed anytime what stops the definition of any other concept from being changed anytime too. When a father says no eating in the living room to his kids how can order be maintained if the definition of eating and/or living room can be changed at will. I guess now someone with a penis may not be a male today or someone with a vagina may not be a female today. It's all about how you feel now. How I see it. Truth is relative (that's true).
Guest_4980: Good morning Mr.daniel to you and your guest great preamble.i would like to encourage you on the way in which you bring foward positive debate on issues of the day.always remember critics never offer a realistic alternative to what they are critizing. Bravo!!!
Guest_5173: A cursory study of language will indicate that word meanings have changed constantly through time. E.G. the word "silly" once meant "beautiful"
Guest_5173: 13th century use of certain anatomical terms is another case in point. These words are now considered swear words. They were originally perfectly acceptable English words
Guest_5173: Stop humanizing "God". How can God be pained? Why do we insist on fighting God's battles anyway? Is this not insulting and condescending to God (whatever you conceive that entity to be?)
Guest_8043: shane could you please play me a midnight groovers song... please and thank you... preferably the one which says tout bon temps ce por en l'heur
Cicerongirl: Good morning Keisha
Cicerongirl: I love this song but not this version. Too many runs for my liking. I would love to hear her just sing it.
Keisha St. Helene: which one uh
Irreplaceable: I AM HERE
Irreplaceable: HONEY LISTENING
Irreplaceable: ALWAYS LOCKED ON
Cicerongirl: Majestic Pitons
Cicerongirl: Hey Irreplaceable
Cicerongirl: Huh :|
Keisha St. Helene: ok hun
Cicerongirl: I eh want to go to Africa. I eh put nothing deh mweh members
Cicerongirl: *mem


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)