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  • Deadline extended for passport recall

    28 January 2015
    The Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security last year announced that Cabinet approved an extension of the deadline for the recall of non– machine readable passports from November 01, 2014 to January 31, 2015. The public is asked to note that a one month further extension of the deadline will come into effect from January 31 to February 28, 2015. Citizens of Saint Lucia who presently carry non-machine readable passports will be required to apply for a machine-readable passport at the Immigration Department in the Lamar Building on Bridge Street, Castries before the new deadline date....
  • Man shot during attempted break-in

    28 January 2015
    A Castries man is nursing injuries at Victoria Hospital after he was shot during an attempted burglary in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. He has been identified by police as 25 year old Danny John Degazon of Morne Du Don, Castries. According to Acting Police Press Officer Zachary Hippolyte: “On Wednesday, 28th January, 2015 about 1:20a.m. officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department responded to a shooting incident which occurred about 1:00a.m at San Souci, Castries. Twenty five year old Danny John Degazon of Morne Du Don, Castries attempted to enter the “We First Pre S...
  • Babonneau celebrate its youth

    28 January 2015
    Press Release- The Babonneau Constituency will commemorate  Nobel Laureates Week by hosting a “Celebration of Youth Excellence” on Saturday, January 31st, 2015. This activity is being organized to recognize and celebrate the diversity and richness of the talent among our youth.  It is appropriate and befitting to celebrate the achievements of our youth at this time to coincide with Nobel Laureate Month. It is worthy to note that the Babonneau constituency has produced a number of stars including; Levern Spencer who continues to represent Saint Lucia on the regional and interna...
  • US pledges to support for Caribbean towards energy security

    28 January 2015
    US Vice President Joe Biden has told a gathering of Caribbean leaders in Washington that St. Lucia is breaking down the barriers to develop new investments in geothermal energy. He was speaking at the US-Caribbean Energy Security Summit. He said there are more options at the Caribbean’s disposal now for natural gas delivery than there has ever been. The US Vice President also told CARICOM leaders that  – while it was poised to help the region – the United States wouldn’t do so with its eyes closed. To expect aid and other financing from the United States, Biden said, would mean coun...
  • St. Lucia can expect assistance from the US for renewable energy

    28 January 2015
    St. Lucia and other members of CARICOM can expect assistance from the United States and other rich countries to develop clean or renewable energy. The promise was given on Monday at the Caribbean Energy Security Summit in Washington. The communiqué signed between the parties recognized that lowering energy costs can increase competitiveness in tourism, manufacturing and various other sectors of the Regional economies. It said the Caribbean is a particularly vulnerable region to climate change and has been an advocate in the fight against climate change. Participants stated their commitme...
  • No hike in bus fares

    28 January 2015
    Concerns over a possible hike in public bus fares were put to rest yesterday following a meeting between mini bus operators and the Ministry of Transport. The meeting agreed not to increase bus fare, at least for now, according to Transport Minister Phillip J Pierre. The details of the agreement have not been made public. The President of the National Council on Public Transportation – Godfrey Ferdinand described the discussions as very fruitful. Mini-bus operators and Transport Ministry officials will meet again on March 10 to finalize the details of yesterday’s agreement. The National...


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Cicerongirl: Keisha I have a question. Why are certain plastic products mostly for women illegal in St.Lucia?
Keisha St. Helene: lmao
Cicerongirl: :D
Keisha St. Helene: u see u CG!
Cicerongirl: Lol
Cicerongirl: Keisha ask my question lol
Keisha St. Helene: *gulp*
Keisha St. Helene: ....ok :S
Keisha St. Helene: LOL
Cicerongirl: Lol
Cicerongirl: I like section 34
Cicerongirl: Lol
Cicerongirl: Awa I eh so ignorant
Cicerongirl: I would walk away from that.
Cicerongirl: But the thief no retreat no surrender
Cicerongirl: A A he bad so. Cutlass
Cicerongirl: What that have to do with your Christianity?
Keisha St. Helene: lol
Cicerongirl: I eh say Pen that's just nasty. I said the toys
Keisha St. Helene: yes it does CG
Cicerongirl: Port
Keisha St. Helene: well in the christianoty confine
Keisha St. Helene: how is mommy and daddy by the way
Keisha St. Helene: i eh see mommy in the chatroom at all
Cicerongirl: Yes Pornography does but the toys I eh see how
Cicerongirl: How
Cicerongirl: Lol
sweetshabsz: Lol
Cicerongirl: Bye Corporal
Irreplaceable: BON JOUR
Cicerongirl: Hey irreplaceable
sweetshabsz: Hey ciceron girl, irreplaceable......kieshaaaàaa
Cicerongirl: Hey Sweetshabsz
Cicerongirl: Gospel frenzy heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Cicerongirl: I saw her in Concert at our Church a few months ago.
Cicerongirl: Whenever I hear Whitney now I think of the movie. Smh


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