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  • Abide by staff Orders until...

    03 July 2015
    The Staff Orders for the St. Lucia Public Service is a good law until it is challenged and set aside by the courts.   That’s the opinion of human rights attorney Mr Martinus Francois, who has been giving his perspective on the expressed interest of  civil servant Miss Jeanna Conielle to make herself available for the next general elections.   Miss Conielle’s declared political interest, disclosed on a TV talk show has sparked off media discussion about the political rights of active public servants, who are forbidden by Section 4.16 FROM “engaging in party political activi...
  • Caricom Summit: Growth & climate

    03 July 2015
    Caricom leaders opened their summit conference in Barbados yesterday with the disclosure that proposals would be made to stimulate growth in the economies of member states to overcome the debt burden.    Work is progressing towards establishing guidelines for a regime on fiscal rules to promote fiscal responsibility.   In his address to the conference, Secretary General Irwin Mr noted the stubbornly high unemployment rate can be bst tacked by private sector investment.    He said the business spirit of innovation, creativity and risk-taking is essential to succ...
  • Lutheran Church o same sex marriage

    03 July 2015
    The St. Lucia congregation of the Trinity Lutheran Church, which is based in Bisee, Castries, is promising not to support any marriage ceremony of couples of the same sex.   On May 26, the US Supreme Court handed down a verdict that effectively made same-sex marriage legal in all of the United States.   There is an expectation here that the ruling will influence social policy In St. Lucia and the wider Caribbean.  
  • Kaiso Quarters start tonight

    02 July 2015
    Despite the hiccups in the calypso tent programme, eleven calypsonians are down to face the judges tonight in the first of two quarter-final rounds of the National Calypso Monarch Competition. The show will be staged at the National Cultural Centre from 8.30. Member of Artistes Representing Themselves ART, the new umbrella body for calysonians, Ignatius ‘Invader’ Tisin, admits that the calypso tent programme encountered difficulties this season. However, he says participating calypsonians are excited about the quarter-finals. The next quarter-final show is slated for Sunday July 4, at the...
  • Panorama: 8 bands registered

    02 July 2015
    The sound of steel is alive and well for carnival 2015. Eight steelbands have been registered for Panorama 2015 The St. Lucia Steelbands Association (SLNA) says it is collaborating with the Carnival Planning and Management Agency (CPMA) to stage the 2015 National Panorama Competition.
  • St Lucia condemns EU tax blacklist

    02 July 2015
    St. Lucia is one of two members of the OECS not on the European Union’s  ‘blacklist’ of uncooperative Caribbean tax jurisdictions. However, the government is prepared to work with sister Caribbean territories to settle the issue. Fourteen Caribbean nations were cited by the European Union as international tax havens in a recent report entitled the "Action Plan for Fair and Efficient Corporate Taxation in the EU."  A news release from the Office of the Prime Minister quotes Dr. Anthony as saying, that "Whereas Saint Lucia was not on the list of jurisdictions that are supposedly no...

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Guest_7911: Have you heard of Kepler 438b? Well it is a planet that scientist have discovered which they claim is the most earth like planet ever discovered.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: In that case then...mightn't truth simply be a matter of perception...Im not an Atheist btw...I simply believe that we perceive God has human charactersitics\
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: I think that is flawed
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: That God is Greater than anyone could ever imagine
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Also....We have a theory of an "Afterlife" to justify our current existence
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: And if that is your truth, I respect that...for without that truth....most people feel that they have no purpose
Guest_7911: The only similarity so far is that it orbits its sun in 365 days like earth and is roughly similar in size about 12% larger than earth. Now compare that which is the closest they can come to an earth like planet with earth with all the biodiversity we have, plus human beings that can send spaceships outside our solar system and. It begs the question why is earth so developed and none of the other planets even come close?
Guest_7911: The Christian Bible's explanation is the best I have come across. It tells me where I came from and what my purpose is. It gives me hope that no matter how bad my situation is today, it can never compare with what I will receive tomorrow.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: religion and the concept of an afterlife are the strongest motivators for people to justify their or poor happy or sad
Guest_7911: I always tell people, even if God is just like the tooth fairy and Santa Clause, being a Christian has tremendous benefits. In terms of your health, your mental sanity, your finances your family life every where.
Guest_7911: I'd rather believe in a hoax than the empty hampster on a wheel life trying to make ends meet and gain more and more only to kill myself at the end of it.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: And I agree with that last point wholeheartedly
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Because some people need a purpose
Guest_7911: Imagine doctors and nurses in hospitals tell you that the patients who believe in God even if they die, they are much happier than those who believe in nothing.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: You're right
Guest_7911: That's why in hosiptals in the US they spend millions on chapels and chaplains.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: And that's all I'm saying...I personally believe in the power of positive energy...and most people cannot harness that power within themselves...hey need religion to be able to access that
Guest_7911: I like that.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: It doesnt mean that what they believe in exists...just the fact that they believe is enough to help them avhieve things they would not have otherwise achieved
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: which is why I never challenge what people believe
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: because we all need to believe in something
Guest_7911: Positive energy must come from somewhere. I mean, if there is good there must be a source of that good from outside of all of us.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: And that is why I believe God is that energy...
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: remember that energy never cannot see or feel or touch or even describe energy...very similar to God no?
Guest_7911: Great! That is how great thinkers have been able to think through things for themselves even with out the Bible :-)
Guest_7911: Anyway man I've got to go. I'm on the other side of the planet and I have to go to bed. It's nearly 2am.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: cheers mate...a pleasure indeed
Guest_7911: Great chatting with you!
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: likewise
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: pop me an email with your contact info
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!:
Guest_7911: Remember that book The Problem of Pain By CS Lewis. It's on kindle.
Guest_7911: Will do.
towana: hi Shayne could you please give a shout out to my sister who is celebrating her bday tomorrow,
towana: thanks shayne
towana: oh sorry her name is Louise Seriuex of patience mon repos


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