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  • Nepal earthquake touches St. Lucia

    25 April 2015
    The Government of St. Lucia has promised  to extend whatever support it can to assist students here whose families have been affected by the catastrophic earthquake in Napal. The 7.8 magnitude quake hit Nepal on Saturday. The death toll is so far estimated at over 2,000. The figure is expected to rise.  In a statement Saturday, the Prime Minister said he had learnt that at least 3 of the students stranded here following the Lambirds Academy issue have families affected by the quake. He said the government would extend whatever support it can to the students as they seek to cope w...
  • $1.464 billion estimates to be proposed

    25 April 2015
    Members of the House of Assembly will on Wednesday discuss proposed 2015-2016 estimates of expenditure amounting to $1,464,236,000.    
  • PM defends government's record

    24 April 2015
    Prime Minister the Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony says the business confidence in the economy is back, and his record on creating jobs should be clear for all to see. Addressing a public meeting of his ruling St. Lucia Labour Party Thursday night, Dr. Anthony maintained that his government was delivering on the last election slogan of “jobs, jobs, jobs.” Dr. Anthony said the government’s grassroots employment programmes, such as the constituency development programme and NICE were significant contributors to employment.
  • RC Church wants new priests

    24 April 2015
    The Saint Lucia Roman Catholic Church is encouraging young men to serve as priests within its ministries. This comes amid a shortage in the number of locally ordained priests. The Church’s director of vocations deacon Jeremy Joseph says a vocations rally will be held Saturday as part of ongoing efforts to encourage young people to join the ministries. Tomorrow’s vocations rally will be held in Anse La Ray and will feature presentations by a number of church officials.
  • Lambirds heading for parliament

    24 April 2015
    Minister of Commerce and Investment Services, Hon. Emma Hippolyte, has promised a detailed sequence of developments in parliament on the ongoing issue of Lambirds Academy. Four Asians are remanded in prison on charges of human trafficking in connection with enrollment in the Academy. One is also charged with money laundering. Speaking at a public political meeting of the St. Lucia Labour Party last night, Miss Hippolyte noted that the matter had been in the public domain for the past seven weeks, and had taken every conceivable shape or form depending on the storyteller.
  • Vigil for Oliver Gobat

    22 April 2015
      A candlelight vigil has been planned to mark the one year anniversary of the violent murder of hotelier – Oliver Gobat. In a statement released Wednesday, the Gobat family said the vigil planned for Saturday, will call for Justice for Oliver. The family statement notes that not a single person has been arrested or charged in connection with the murder, adding that various persons of interest have not even been interviewed.

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