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  • UWP criticizes SLP administration's three year stint in office

    28 November 2014
    The Opposition United Workers Party has criticized the performance of the ruling SLP administration three years in office. The UWP says the government has failed to fulfill its main 2011 election campaign promise of providing better days to the people of Saint Lucia. The Party convened a press conference on Thursday to review the performance of the SLP government since it assumed office in November 2011. According to the leader of the parliamentary Opposition Hon. Gale Rigobert the decision by government to introduce Value Added Tax has contributed to the economic problems continuing to f...
  • Feasibility study for North South highway

    28 November 2014
    The Ministry of Infrastructure is undertaking a study to find out if it’s possible to build a major new highway connecting the north and south of the island. Authorities are looking to bypass the Barre D’isle which has been plagued by problems, such as landslides. Infrastructure Minister Phillip J Pierre says a new road will reduce travel time and open new economic opportunities for St Lucians. A similar study was carried out in 2001. However the Ministry says this new one will take into account updated traffic numbers, disaster risks and the potential impact on economic development. Th...
  • LIME scraps plans to introduce paper bills fee

    28 November 2014
    Telecommunications provider LIME has withdrawn plans to charge customers for printed bills, following a huge backlash from the public.    One of the strongest critics of the move was Information and Technology Minister Dr. James Fletcher who has written to the company. In a statement Thursday LIME said it is a customer-focused company that listens to feedback and although a number of people are in favour of online e-Bill payment, some customers still prefer their paper bill by post. LIME says receiving bills by email is a growing industry trend that the company hopes it will be ...
  • Flooding in Grande Riviere Dennery

    27 November 2014
    Traffic was brought to a standstill along Grande Riviere Dennery Highway early this morning as a result of flooding in the area brought on by heavy rainfall. The bypass bridge created to facilitate traffic while construction continues on a new Grande Riviere bridge was submerged by water. The backlog of traffic stretched from the Grand Riviere Secondary School all the way to the Grande Riviere Police Station. Many drivers were hesitant to cross the flooded bridge. Some buses transporting students to Castries were forced to return them home. However the new bridge under construction appe...
  • National Consumers Association criticizes new fee by LIME

    26 November 2014
    The National Consumers Association has described as unfair a decision by LIME to charge customers an extra fee for printed copies of their bills. The Association’s President Kingsley St. Hill says this new development underscores the need for the swift enactment of consumer protection legislation in Saint Lucia. He says the association will scrutinize the new fee to determine whether it violates the rights of consumers. Just recently Saint Lucia’s Minister for telecommunications, Dr. James Fletcher wrote to LIME expressing serious concerns about the new fee. He says the decision by LIME ...
  • Possible shortage in poultry products

    26 November 2014
    St Lucians could see shortages in poultry products in the coming weeks as a result of a temporary ban on the importation of poultry from the U.K. The announcement comes from local agriculture officials who have been speaking about the possible impact of the ban on food security. The temporary restriction on UK poultry forms part of measures being undertaken to prevent a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu from reaching the island. Agriculture officials say the U.K is one of Saint Lucia’s main suppliers of poultry therefore the ban would invariably affect the availability of poultry pro...


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African Beauty: DJ Mintek where's your Santa Hat
Princess 97: I'm good Mintek. Can't wait for Friday, lol. :P
nanton29: my grand kids want you to play some Christmas music for the holidays
t an t: to all Lucian on line good night
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mae clercent: its minus 4 and some snow on the groundthis morning
Guest_3552: this guy sound like ice jj fish
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Guest_7461: CALLER #3
Guest_7461: CALLER # # garcon
Guest_7461: #3
mae clercent: i thought caller #1 nailed it but i'd give it to #3 she was good
Guest_7461: Yep
Guest_7461: YALL # 3
JAH: Goodmorning Keisha
mae clercent: he sounded like Aagee
Guest_7461: hey i won something on pressure point and i still eh get it yet
mr joseph: number 1 was horrible
h. de gazon: i agree
mae clercent: hi shelton
Guest_3974: santa and his elf
Dexter: I'm just sitting on the chair ,
Dexter: with no underwear
Guest_8403: Black friday means that a lot of companies on that day as far as their books are concern go into the black with their sales and deals.its a day they do a significant amount of business
mae clercent: i think its because it was when the black slaves use to get the leftovers from their masters thanksgining dinne, so they were made to believe it was a good thing. and if youre not getting anything good and on that day you get some good lefteover turkey boy then that was extra good. my opinion
Dexter: Black Friday began in the u.s in the 1800s when the markets went down. Since there was lots of panicking people rush to the store to purchase stuff whilst the prices were so low. As market failure kept on happening time to time due to bad luck , people began to call it Black Friday from since 1950 s.


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