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  • The Flogg Blog silenced

    01 September 2014
    A popular online blog that built a reputation for its unconventional and anti-establishment stance on local issues has been silenced. The Flogg Blog was managed by St Lucia journalist – Jason Sifflet. Its no-holds barred style of writing made it famous on social media. But Mr. Sifflet says the blog was taken down on Saturday by internet giant Google over apparent complaints of hate speech. Mr. Sifflet says he may have been the victim of what he described as a political aristocracy. Meanwhile The President of the St Lucia Media Workers Association Clinton Reynolds says he’s very concer...
  • Protest action by customs officers averted

    01 September 2014
    Threats of strike action by Customs officers at the Hewanorra international Airport have been averted following swift government intervention. The officers had threatened not to attend to airplanes that arrived here carrying passengers who originated from West Africa. They feared that those passengers could be carrying the deadly Ebola virus that has killed hundreds. However, CSA President, Mary Isaac says medical experts have been sent to the airport to allay the concerns of the customs officers. There are no direct flights between St Lucia and any African nation, according to flight ...
  • Assistance From Changhua

    01 September 2014
    Saint Lucia’s Health Minister is hoping that the arrival here of a team of medical volunteers from Taiwan will help St Lucia better manage issues associated with renal failure. Alvina Reynolds was speaking at a welcome ceremony for the seventeen volunteers from Changhua Christian Hospital in Taiwan. She said there are still many people on the waiting list for dialysis.
  • Tamara Gibson-Marks barred from leaving St. Vincent

    29 August 2014
    There are new details in the case of Tamara Gibson-Marks; the St Lucia lawyer who has found herself in legal trouble in neighbouring St Vincent and the Grenadines. Vincentian immigration officials have barred Gibson-Marks from boarding a flight to St Lucia, according to published media reports. The St Lucian lawyer is currently on thirty thousand dollars bail on charges of theft and abuse of office in her former role as Registrar of the St Vincent and the Grenadines High Court. She pleaded not guilty to the charges when she appeared in court last week. Authorities say she was prevented...
  • Human rights advocate concerned about children begging on street corners

    29 August 2014
    Human rights advocate Felicia Brown has expressed concern about what she says is the increased number of children seen begging on street corners. According to Miss Brown the disturbing trend does not only happen in Saint Lucia but the wider Caribbean. This she believes puts children in a vulnerable position allowing them to be easily exploited by child predators. She has made an appeal for parents to be more vigilant of the whereabouts of their children. Miss Brown has also called on social agencies to investigate the matter.
  • Fatal accident in Vieux Fort

    29 August 2014
    One man was killed in an apparent freak accident in Vieux Fort yesterday. The accident occurred shortly before ten o’clock on New Dock Road. Police have not been able to confirm name of the victim; he is known by his alias Trini. Investigators say he was a homeless man who apparently walked into an on-coming trailer truck. Police is appealing for relatives of the deceased to identify his body.


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lucianboi : hi Dj Minteck I'm lock on all the way from Barbados
lucianboi : hi 9509 good evening
lucianboi : Dj Mintek, I want you to shout out my cousin Mrs Jacinta De Myers St Helene its coming from her cousin Thomas from Barbados
Dj Mintek LIVE!!!: cool i will
lucianboi : thank you very much sir @Dj Mintek
Dj Mintek LIVE!!!: no problem just keep it lock!!!!
Dj Mintek LIVE!!!: anybody celebrating they birthday today in the chatroom ?
Princess 97: Mintek ton opp! :P
Princess 97: WEPPA!
Dj Mintek LIVE!!!: lol :D
lucianboi : hi 97 good evening to you
lucianboi : dj I'm blasting rsl here in Barbados
lucianboi : thanks for the shout out dj mintek
Guest_3943: mr dj.i am enjoying your music loud and clear from Trinidad. loving it.
Dj Mintek LIVE!!!: thank you very much
Guest_3943: dj can u play soul provider for me please. I love that song.
Dj Mintek LIVE!!!: cool will search it up for u & who is the artist
lucianboi : 3943 hi
Guest_3943: romain virgo
Guest_3943: lucianboi whats up
Guest_3454: Big up mintek
Dj Mintek LIVE!!!: Respect 3454 big up yourself as well
Guest_4737: OK
lucianboi : hi 3943 I'm just here cool for the time being,and you@ 3943
lucianboi : not chickengunya the man got its evident its chastnetgunya
lucianboi : $2 here can carry you any part of Barbados
Guest_7898: hi dj can you play feels of bali by sting
Guest_7898: can you give a shout out to Endley in London listening in
Guest_9285: kool will do
Guest_9285: by the way did you mean field of gold
Guest_7898: yes field of gold .\thanks
Guest_7898: thanks so much
Guest_9285: glad to any tine
Guest_9285: tnx to all for loging on to rsl97
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Accepting your comments here for 90 minutes!!!
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: We're talking about Ebola...and St. Lucia's preparedness...Chief medical officer Dr. Merlene Fredericks...and Epidemiologist Nahum Jn Baptiste on the line this morning


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