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  • Silver Shadow dancers puts Dereck Walcott's poetry into motion

    27 January 2015
     Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy Presents ‘Poetry in Motion’ the theme of the upcoming dance production as part of the prestigious Annual Nobel Laureate Week 2015 celebrations. Poetry in Motion is a concept created by renowned St. Lucian Choreographer Barry George who has being inspired by the brilliant work of poetry written by Hon. Dereck Walcott. ‘Poetry in Motion’will highlight an artistic showcase of dance works inspired by eight (8) selected Poems written by St. Lucia’s very own Nobel Prize winner and literary icon Hon. Dereck Walcott. The production will feature Poems...
  • Cocaine bust at Cap Estate

    27 January 2015
    A Jamaican national has been arrested and is facing drug charges here. Police say they materials suspected to be cannabis and block of cocaine were recovered at Cap Estate on Saturday. The suspect identified as 38year old Courtney Anthony Samuels has been remanded until February11th, 2015. Police say they recovered 19.65 kilos of cocaine following a search of the mansion. According to the lawmen the drugs were separated into 18 blocks and were hidden inside a washing machine. Officers also recovered a small quantity of marijuana. Samuels was charged for the offences of possessi...
  • An extraordinary meeting could be announced soon for CSA

    27 January 2015
    A date for an extraordinary meeting of the Civil Service Association could be announced soon. A group of concerned CSA members have been petitioning for the meeting to have the trade union’s president Mary Isaac explain her appointment as an opposition senator. Mary Isaac’s appointed as an opposition senator has stirred controversy in the CSA, even leading to calls for her resignation from the post. Longstanding member of the CSA Oliver Lawrence is encouraging all CSA members to attend the meeting. The CSA’s shop steward at LUCELEC is throwing his support behind the extraordinary meeting...
  • Farmers caught growing cannibis

    26 January 2015
    Two farmers charged with growing cannabis at Fond St. Jacques are expected to appear in court Monday. The men were arrested after police and officials from the Forestry department conducted an eradicated exercise on a plantation in the area last Thursday. Over 7 thousand cannabis plants were destroyed and 20,000 seedlings. Police say 300 pounds of dry cannabis was also recovered and destroyed. The men have been identified as Dennyson Willie of Soufriere and John Lawrence of Desruisseux. The men will appear at the First District court in Vieux Fort after they were charged with being invo...
  • PM Congratulates CCJ on its 10th anniversary

    26 January 2015
    Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has extended congratulations to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as it observes its 10th anniversary this year. The CCJ was established in 2001 to replace the London-based Privy Council as the region’s final court but began operations in April 2005. The CCJ has both an Original and Appellate Jurisdiction, but while most CARICOM countries are signatories to the Original jurisdiction, only Barbados, Guyana and Belize are members of the Appellate Jurisdiction. Dr. Anthony has expressed regret that Saint Lucia has not been able to access the CCJ as its fi...
  • Former Police Commissioner blasts SLP

    26 January 2015
    The man hoping to contest the Anse La Raye/Canaries seat for the United Workers party in the next general election has made his first appearance on a UWP political platform. Former Police Commissioner – Hermangild Francis addressed party supporters at a public meeting in Anse La Raye on Saturday. He began by apologizing to the audience for promises he said he made and failed to keep. Mr. Francis resigned from the ruling St Lucia Labour Party last year along with his brother Peterson. He said the UWP had become more structured and disciplined organization under the direction of Political ...


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Cicerongirl: What's wrong with the word Scarvengers? It is the proper English word. Are you guys acting like Americans now trying to make everything politically correct and 'sweet' sounding? Smh
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: his depth of knowledge is me
Guest_9665: But Shane my point is the show did not drop one bit as Shelton not there. That is a great asset for any radio station.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Thanks
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: appreciated
Guest_9665: 5948 I hope you hearing Shazzi point.
Cicerongirl: Wey boy everything is about politricks choops
Cicerongirl: is the woman doing her job? If yes then what's the problem?
Cicerongirl: If she had become a Labour Senator would y'all be doing this? Can you answer that honestly Sir?
Guest_9665: Cicerongirl it would be worse if she became a SLP senator.
Guest_5948: LOL. Did the guest said he is not there to quote any laws or rules? He is making accusations, not telling us which rules are being broken? He keeps saying there are laws governing the CSA, but will not tell us which ones. He brings up the laws but will not tell us which ones.
Guest_9665: 5948 you eh answer my question yet. What does the word "interest" mean in the term "conflict of interest."
Guest_4397: there are other union presidents in the region who are senators so Mary is not the first
Guest_5948: According to the last female caller, now we are down to personal opinions, not the laws and rules. I am still waiting for the arguments to support all the noise.
Cicerongirl: It's because the lady dared to go against Labour. The audacity of that woman! Smh Mary Isaac you right tun! Who don't like it toof
Guest_9665: You right Oliver. Don't try your case on radio. Wait for the meeting.
Guest_5948: Ask the caller how is that representation threatened? How?
Guest_5948: So what are the questions and concerns? That is what we should have been told?
Guest_5948: Now they are dismissing the rules and laws. They are the same people who started with rules and laws. Now it no longer serves their arguments, they are dropping that for new far fetched arguments. The ground keeps moving, the goal posts keep moving. This is just an anti-Mary Agenda. SO very transparent.
Guest_5948: This is a witch hunt. Happy Hunting. LOL.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: 5948...from the inception, Mr Lawrence said he was there to discudd the petetion
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: petition*
Guest_4397: LEAVE MARY ALONE!!!
Cicerongirl: Masia leave the Lady alone. When you go after someone for your own selfish reasons GOD has a way of making you reap what you sow. remember that.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: And I can guarantee you...this is no witch hunt
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: neither myself nor tony have any "political agenda"
Guest_5948: Do not mean you Shayne, or RSL, I meant the guest and those going after the Lady.
Guest_7164: MARY MUST GOO
Guest_5948: GOod for her, they will propel her to a seat. GOD does not like ugly.
Guest_4397: ONLY in the union we see conflict of interest? Hypocrites!!
Cicerongirl: Shayne not you my boy
Guest_5948: 7164: same say Kenny Must Go. I say he was elected by the majority of St. Lucians. Kenny must stay, Mary must stay. Both elected.
Cicerongirl: So she got a second job. Big deal! Vat making things hard. The lady has done nothing illegal. Leave her alone smh
Guest_5948: He was not elected to let Fletcher, Leo, Jadia and Alva run the country. Why do we have foreign governments. Look around you who runs the country. Not the person we elected to. At least Mary is doing her job, is Kenny?


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