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  • Homicide in Babonneau

    19 December 2014
    A Babonneau teenager is dead after he was attacked by a cutlass wielding man. The incident reportedly occurred at Paix Bouche Babonneau next to the popular restaurant – Pork Palace around 8:30 Thursday night. Babonneau police has identified the victim as 19 year old Kerry Louis. Police say he was involved in an altercation with another man who attacked him with a cutlass. Louis is said to have sustained chop wounds to the neck and face. He was rushed to Victoria Hospital via ambulance where he succumbed to his injuries. It’s unclear what started the fight. The alleged attacker, a 25 y...
  • Mary Isaac sworn in as Opposition Senator

    19 December 2014
    CSA President – Mary Isaac has taken the oath of allegiance; becoming the newest member of the St Lucia senate. Mrs. Isaac was officially sworn in during a senate meeting Thursday, replacing former Gros Islet MP Lennard Montoute. It came amid calls for a meeting of the CSA general membership to discuss her appointment as a representative of the opposition United Workers party. The call has come from the CSA member – Barthelmy Fedee who is the shop steward at LUCELEC. “I think the general membership should at least call a meeting and let us hear from Mary Isaac herself how is she going to...
  • Minister for Sustainable Development gives report on crucial UN climate change talks

    18 December 2014
    Saint Lucia’s Minister for Sustainable Development has returned home from the just ended UN climate talks in Peru. Dr. James Fletcher urged the international community to scale up donations to the Green Climate Fund which is intended to help Small Island developing states (SIDS) build resilience to climate change. The International Community has promised to invest 100 billion dollars in SIDS by 2020 but according to Dr. Fletcher this figure can’t be achieved unless donations are increased. He has also called for these climate change finances to be made more accessible to SIDS. The negoti...
  • Saint Lucia welcomes the restoration of diplomatic ties between Cuba and America

    18 December 2014
    Saint Lucians and Cubans resident here are waking up to the good news about a possible warming of the frosty relations between Cuba and the United States. But while everyone sounds happy about the new development, Cuban President Raul Castro says the measures announced, while welcome, just don’t go far enough. The local Cuba St. Lucia Humanistic Solidarity Association agrees. The Association’s President – Rawle Harvey says that for US-Cuba relations to be fully normalized, the US will also have to lift the crippling blockade it’s maintained on Cuba for 52 years. Meanwhile, Cuban Ambassad...
  • Government moves to ensure greater confidentiality of health information

    17 December 2014
    Government is looking to pass legislation that will ensure greater confidentiality of citizen’s health information. There have been instances in the past where Saint Lucians allege that their health information was divulged to the public by medical workers. Health Minister Alvina Reynolds says it is important for Saint Lucians to be assured that their health information is confidential at all times. She adds that government is also looking to tighten penalties for health workers who violate the oath of confidentiality.
  • Traffic safety measures near Rodney Bay Marina

    17 December 2014
    A number of traffic safety measures have been put in place near the Rodney Bay marina. These according to officials were needed given the increased number of pedestrians who traverse the area. The Ministry of Infrastructure collaborated with the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association to embark on the traffic safety initiative. It included the construction of pedestrian sidewalks as well as the establishment of Pelican crossings. The SLHTA was the driving force behind the initiative. SLHTA executive vice president Noorani Azeez says the traffic safety measures were even more critical...


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kitty: Yea Mikey u good der
Mikey: wassup
Mikey: yh muhn for now
kitty: Yes man alex
Keisha St. Helene: roll call just now
Princess 97: Pleasant good morning to you Kitty. :)
Keisha St. Helene: it busy ih folks, so i cah keep up in the chatroom
Keisha St. Helene: i am trying
Princess 97: Mikey, good to see you :)
kitty: Gm princess
Mikey: Yhs you too princess
Mikey: :D :D
Cicerongirl: Hey Kitty
kitty: Hi girlly !!!gm cg
Princess Dianna: great job RSL, have been enjoying the programme from the start of the season
kitty: Princess bravo to them RSL the best
Irreplaceable: me too
Mikey: yhss mee three
Guest_5655: i enjoyed the program from the begining and my telephone screen broke so i cldnt continue whtapping tht sucked . tht program did so much for so many people there was so much laughter and love great paticipation
Keisha St. Helene: oh am sorry
Keisha St. Helene: thanks!!!
Guest_5655: so we hv to also say thanks to those persons who paticipated they brought us so much joy
Irreplaceable: true that
Guest_5655: ths ok santa now knows wht i am wishing for christmas
Irreplaceable: you guys are the best
Irreplaceable: each and everyone of u
kitty: U always welcomK Keisha
kitty: Thanks IP
Cicerongirl: Welcome Princess Dianna
Cicerongirl: Yay thank you Keisha!
Guest_5655: kieshia please sometime today pleas play o holy night by cilene dion this is my christmas song and it aways seals christmas for me please
Princess 97: Aa
Princess 97: Hello P Diana. :)
Princess 97: Welcome lol
alex.g.daniel: LOL


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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