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  • Calypso seeks leadership

    26 March 2015
    Calypsonians and allied artistes are again trying to form a representative body, six years after turning their backs on the original association. The announcement last month of a mass resignation of the Executive of the St. Lucia Calypso Association (2009) has sent calypsonians scrambling for new leadership less than three months before the usual opening of the calypso season. Ignatius ‘Invader’ Tisin, of the Soca Village International Tent, has emerged as spokesperson for the proposed new umbrella body to be called Artistes Representing Themselves or ART for short. He says a planning mee...
  • Soufriere gang war

    26 March 2015
    St Lucia Police have launched a massive operation in Soufriere following reports of a major feud between rival gangs in the west coast town. The war has so far resulted in injuries to a French national and damage to a police vehicle. Lawmen say they have arrested three individuals and recovered four firearms during an operation on Tuesday and they have vowed to restore calm to the town.
  • Upgrade of Choc to Gros Islet Highway

    25 March 2015
    The next phase of the Choc-to-Gros Islet Road Rehabilitation Project is estimated to cost US $150 million. Parliament on Tuesday approved a motion to borrow part of the money from the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Development. The motion was passed without a response from the opposition. Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Honourable Dr. Kenny Anthony gave members a general breakdown of the sources of funding. Dr. Anthony said the 11 million-dollar loan from the Kuwaiti Fund comes at an “exceedingly generous” interest rate of 2.5 per cent per annum.
  • Children get medical care

    25 March 2015
    The World Pediatric Project, a non-profit organization which seeks to provide Medical care for children in need within the Caribbean and Central America is in St. Lucia. The Project has partnered with the St. Lucian government to provide free healthcare for children suffering from heart related illnesses. Several physicians specializing in pediatrics are present and have so far treated over two dozen kids. The project, which is on its seventh mission, has been holding Cardiac Evaluation at The Tapion Hospital since 2009. 
  • Indian food festival

    25 March 2015
    The Forestiere Methodist School will be celebrating its first ever Indian Food Festival, on Friday, March 27, 2015. The activity begins at 11.30 a.m. The Initiative put forward by the Principal of the Forestiere Methodist School Mrs. Alphia Earnest, has gained the support of the Indian Heritage Association. The association hopes to draw the support of the public, and use the event to educate the youth on Indian culture. President of the Indian Heritage Association of St Lucia Keith Compton spoke about the reason for the event.
  • Drought alert being considered

    21 March 2015
    The drought and flood mitigation committee is expected to meet soon to determine if a water alert should be issued for St Lucia. It comes amid concerns a lingering dry spell on the island. Authorities say the average rainfall amounts recorded at the island’s two airports are significantly lower than what is expected for this time of the year. 


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Cicerongirl: Irreplaceable darling :)
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: nuff love in here boy
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: How's everyone doing this afternoon
Cicerongirl: I'm wonderful Shayne :)
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Check out our L@L guest's music video hefre «link»
Cicerongirl: Thanks will do that
Guest_1144: Big up AJ!!
Guest_1144: Is he single?
Guest_1144: I want to hear his reggae track
Guest_1144: Does he have any collaborations?
Guest_1144: Ok
Cicerongirl: Lol is he single 1144 lol
Guest_7387: Big up AJ. You're a a great talent. You're sitting on too many songs. I've heard many of them. Get to the studio and get some stuff out there. People haven't seen the half of it. Get moving. Big up.
Guest_7387: BTW: Shayne you're a great person to offer a collab with AJ. Say yes!
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: we'll speak about that off air
Guest_7387: cool. nice. You can give him the boost and exposure he could need. The idea of overall positive music could be great
Cicerongirl: Le Crae is my boy :)
Cicerongirl: A A Shayne you're growing you have hiccups lol
Irreplaceable: :D
Guest_5292: AJ was great
Cicerongirl: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Guest_5292: Something different
Irreplaceable: :D
Irreplaceable: WOW GIRL U GOOD
Irreplaceable: :D
Cicerongirl: :)
Irreplaceable: CG
Cicerongirl: r u doing better today Irreplaceable?
Irreplaceable: YES MY DARLING I AM CG
Irreplaceable: THANKS FOR ASKING
Cicerongirl: I'm glad :)
Irreplaceable: YEH
Irreplaceable: KUDOS


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