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  • Speaker pledges to enforce the rules

    29 July 2015
    Speaker of the House of Assembly, Hon. Peter Foster, has formally apologized to members and the people of St. Lucia for the July 7TH exchange with opposition member Hon. Guy Joseph.   But Mr Foster has also reminded members that the authority is vested in him to enforce the rules.   Addressing members at a sitting yesterday, Mr Foster did not specifically make mention of the prolonged exchange on July 7TH. However, he recalled that recent events fell far short of House rules; his expectations; and the expectations of the people.   He said, “to the people of St. Lucia, I ...
  • VF mayor joins appeal

    29 July 2015
    The mayor of Vieux Fort South Winall Joshua has expressed concern about the wellbeing of individuals affected by the devastating house fires in the constituency last Sunday. About 15 people were left homeless after several houses were gutted by the blaze. Mr. Joshua is encouraging Saint Lucians to provide relief to the fire victims. Mr. Joshua says efforts are underway to remove the debris from the fire scene. He is hoping with community and government support the fire victims can start rebuilding their homes.
  • Vieux Fort 's day at the races

    29 July 2015
    The Southern Tourism Development Corporation has thrown its support behind the hosting of a horse race meet in Vieux Fort. The activity takes place on Saturday to coincide with the observance of emancipation Day. The Corporation says the horse race event is in keeping with its vision of enhancing Vieux Fort’s tourism product through sports and entertainment attractions. Anderson Reynolds is a representative of the Southern Tourism Development Corporation.
  • Chakadan's family awaits the next step

    28 July 2015
    Family, friends and the public at large await the next step in the case of Chakadan Daniel, who was found dead in a police cell at Micoud in October 2013.   Acting Commissioner of Police, Mr Errol Alexander says the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) will deal with the next phase of the process. But Alexander cautions that one is innocent until proven guilty. He is encouraging his officers to stay strong and render support to officers because, according to him, "they are our colleagues and are innocent until a Court of law says otherwise.   We will await the decision of the ...
  • Petrol up; LPG down

    28 July 2015
    The latest adjusted prices of petroleum products took effect yesterday, Monday. The price of gasoline at the pump increased from $13.33 to $13.50 per gallon while the price of cooking gas went down to $27.50 from $28.15 per 20lb LPG cylinder. The government says that despite the recent drop in international prices, the landed cost of gasoline and diesel imported into Saint Lucia during the review period has gone up.  However, based on information provided by the importers, lower fuel prices are anticipated for the next price adjustment, August 17, 2015. Government continues to subsidiz...
  • Police Welfare promises a response

    28 July 2015
    The president of the of the Police Welfare Association (PWA), Mr Cameron Laure, has described some of the statements by the Acting Commissioner of Police at a press conference last Friday as ‘Very misleading.”   At that press conference, Acting Commissioner Mr. Errol Alexander responded to issues raised in an earlier letter to him by the PWA.   The letter raised issues such as the state of the Soufriere Police station; the Force’s policy on promotions and transfers; and a bed bug infestation of the criminal investigations department.   Meanwhile, the acting commissioner ...

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Guest_5355: Hi, I do not like the tone of Call the Ploice this afternoon. I think that matter should be handled internally and not in the media. Also, it sis unfair that the acting Commissioner is not in studio to clarify some of the allegations been leveled at him. I think this programme is in poor taste and should be handled internally. Poor show today Mr. James. On another note, does the Commissioner approved the subject to be discussed prior to going on air?
Cpl 69 james: ok
Cpl 69 james: we will take your views now
Guest_5987: A lot of police officers sit back in the force for years do nothing to improve themselves do very little work because they are senior and wait for promotion because they are senior and only because they are senior
Guest_5987: u have probationers in most of the out stations doing the brunt of the work whilst the seniors slouch I do not submit to the notion that officers should or professionals in any other profession should be promoted just based on seniority
Guest_5987: I am very much satisfied with the promotions process this year and believe that for once it was carried out fairly
Cicerongirl: Good afternoon DJ Mintek
Guest_5793: n order to sustain fresh water supplies in California in the future, advocates for conservation say more focus should be placed on recycling waste water.
Guest_5793: Is this an error on your part? The same Government Notebook news package which was aired yesterday is being aired this morning. Sorry for the previous post.
Guest_3342: shane this Freelance Journalist Marius Modeste listining for Havana, local music today? can i hear somthing by Veda James
Guest_3342: Shane this Freelance Journalist Marius Modeste listining for Havana, local music today? can i hear somthing by Veda James


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