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  • North America Travel experts set for 2nd Saint Lucia showcase

    25 July 2014
      After a successful inaugural in 2013 excitement is again rife asUSAand Canadian based travel industry experts, wholesalers, representatives of destination marketing companies, together with senior hotel executives converge on Saint Luciafor a major travel industry conference.    The Saint Lucia Tourist Board (SLTB)is again partnering with the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA) and the Ministry of Tourism to stage here on ‘Simply Beautiful,’ Saint Lucia, the 2ndannual ‘Saint Lucia North American Showcase.’This year the SLTB is proud to announce an increase of ...
  • Prime Minister Hon. leaves island for Saint Vincent , packed weekend ahead

    25 July 2014
    Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony leaves the island today for Kingstown, St. Vincent, to attend a meeting of the Monetary Council of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. At that meeting, Prime Minister Anthony will also hand over the chairmanship of the ECCB Monetary Council to Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Prime Minister will also participate in a meeting of the OECS Authority, which will be held on Saturday, July 26, 2014. Matters for consideration and discussion include the application by the French Caribbean Overseas Regions to ...
  • Prime Minister Kenny Anthony expresses sorrow at Taiwan's plane crash

    25 July 2014
    Prime Minister  Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has expressed deep sorrow and anguish at the news of a plane  crash in  the Republic of China (Taiwan) that resulted in the loss of 49 lives. In a letter to Ambassador for the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Saint to Lucia, H.E. James Chang, dated July 24, 2014, Prime Minister Anthony wrote, "I wish to extend on behalf of the Government and people of Saint Lucia our deepest condolences to the Government and people of the Republic of China (Taiwan) on this unfortunate occasion, marked so gravely with sorrow. We mourn with you and dee...
  • Hotels, spas and leading attractions offer exciting deals

    25 July 2014
    As the 2014 sizzling summer of deals continue on ‘Simply Beautiful’ Saint Lucia, island temperatures are expected to rise even further as the hottest summer campaignSTAYCATION, ignites the months of July, August and September.   Already offering amazing promotional packages, dozens of hotels, spas and the most exciting tours and attractions on island are going one step further announcing unbeatable tailor-made packages under the Staycation promotion. The unique promotion, geared predominantly for nationals, allow islanders to sample the warmth and internationally recognized ‘exc...
  • French Delegate meets with the local focal and horticulture community

    25 July 2014
    A French delegate with experts in horticulture is on island meeting with the floral society to explore possibilities to export ornamentals to Martinique and Europe. For many years the floral and horticulture organizations have tried to explore markets in Europe some have been successful but in varying degrees It is the Agriculture Minister’s hope that the visit will strengthen the partnership between the French and island’s horticulture organization. Hon. Moses Jn. Baptiste believes a closer relationship will allow for a boost in exports and encourage investment in Saint Lucia floral ind...
  • Buckeye St. Lucia Terminal Limited Restructures

    25 July 2014
    The Management of Buckeye St. Lucia Terminal Limited, says the company is undergoing reorganziation and restructuring amid reports of staff layoffs. Buckeye St. Lucia Terminal Limited, Formerly Hess Oils says the move is  part of ongoing efforts to complete the transition to Buckeye’s business and operating culture. In a press statement on Thursday the company said certain positions at the terminal will be modified, expanded, or eliminated.  It noted that the purpose for these changes was to enhance the Company’s ability to meet future challenges and was part of the Company’s c...
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Tosa: Ezra
Me: yay for ezra!!!
Me: Ppl. Mantius that shoulda win. We need some peace and love with all that rowrow going on.
Guest_8685: Congrats Ezra good going for first time
Cicerongirl: mate beat Kakal! that's pure batiz
Guest_7791: Good song Ezra but can't sing to save his life. Epic failure IMO
Guest_7791: Congrats Ezra and no disrespect but our radio DJ's need to stop pushing the music they benefit from
Castries South: i am not very please with the results
Castries South: it lack everything pure disappointment
Me: Obviously the crowd pleasers were the only ones to make it in the top for power soca. so if you have a good song, performance and can sing on key.. that wouldnt matter if the crowd didnt go wild for you.
Castries South: margee
Guest_8685: i dont know where the commentators were right here
Guest_8685: ull kept saying hurt it
Castries South: road march for J mouse
Guest_8685: we will not be listening finally live tv
Guest_7791: Crowd pleasing should complement quality instead of crowd pleasing determining quality.
Guest_1224: who won
Guest_6829: Groovy Monarch top three:
Guest_6829: 3rd Ricky T -365 pts
Guest_6829: 2nd Ambi - 368 pts
Guest_6829: 1st Arthur - 378pts
Guest_6829: Power Monarch results
Guest_6829: 3rd place - J mouse "hurt it" -347points
Guest_6829: 2nd place - Ambi "Free" - 350 pts
Guest_6829: 1st place - Ezra (de fun machine) "Bacchanal Rampage" - 366 pts
Guest_8565: Shelton the best way to deal with that waste of time called Jason Sifflet is to ignore him. You give him honor by even wasting your breath on this.
Shayne Ross: Acepting your comments here for 90 minutes!!!
Shayne Ross: not a very nice comment 8565
Guest_3809: Livestream is down.
Guest_3809: Livestream is back.
Guest_3809: Shane Ross that comment my comment was not intended to be nice. Have you ever read any of Jason's floggins? The things he said of Shelton were not nice and totally unwarranted.
Guest_7492: Hello everyone! :)
Shayne Ross: Accepting your comments here for 90 minutes
Shayne Ross: 3809...Personally I wouldnt refer to anyone as a waste of time...thats all....but you are of course entitled to your opinion...and I respect that whether or not I agree with referring to anyone as a waste of time
Guest_8728: as your are talking about the white flour, note also that in trying to eat healthy the wheat flour is combined with white flour and sold to people.
Princess 97: Sup ppl! :D


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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