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  • Media in CSME discussion

    02 March 2015
    The CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) is a living story for reporters and broadcasters in member states. So says regional Media practitioner Francine Charles. Miss Charles is a consultant with the international PR Firm Deloitte and Touche, which hosted a seminar over the weekend for  representatives of media organizations here. The seminar generated ideas for improving information flows within the CSME members sates.
  • Human Trafficking -Good Samaritans Respond

    02 March 2015
    The Royal St Lucia Police Force has not yet released a statement  on reports that a group of Asian nationals have been left stranded in St Lucia after falling victim to an alleged scam.Marguerite Audin is a guest house owner in Gros Islet where 16 of the Asian students are being housed. Miss Audin has been providing free lodging to the students since learning of their plight.The Caridnal Kelvin Felix Archdiocesan pastoral Centre in Marisule has confirmed that it is housing twenty-seven Asian students at the request of the Ministry of Home Affairs.The Caridnal Kelvin Felix Archdiocesan ...
  • Human trafficking arrests

    28 February 2015
    St. Lucia Police have made several arrests in an alleged human trafficking ring that extended from Nepal. The wife of a retired former government minister was said to be among those detained when police raided a residence late friday. Police were said to be acting on information that internet advertising had been luring people from certain Asian countries to come here for schooling and work in the hospitality industry, with a further opportunity to obtain visas to the United States. The cost of a package of immigration, study, employment and US visa services were allegedly sold for as much as...
  • SLBS enforces electrical safety

    28 February 2015
    The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards has withdrawn a number of electrical appliances from the market over health and safety concerns. An assessment revealed that the appliances did not meet the required standards for plugs and socket-outlets. The SLBS says the faulty appliances could cause fires and users are susceptible to electric shocks. Hubert Reynolds is the head of the compliance department at the SLBS.
  • Ist woman acting PM

    26 February 2015
    The Saint Lucia Labor Party has extended congratulation to Hon. Emma Hippolyte on becoming the first woman to act in the position of prime minster. The Gros Islet MP assumed the post on February 25th as the island’s Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony is off island on government business.  
  • Ministry responds to Mary Isaac

    26 February 2015
    The Ministry of the Public Service has taken umbrage at what it says are “distasteful, false and insolent” comments made by CSA President Ms Mary Isaac regarding time-off to attend Thursday morning’s counter-petition meeting. According to a statement issued by the ministry earlier today, the CSA had by latter dated 18th February, 2015, requested permission to grant time off to members in accordance with Order 4. 17 of the Staff Orders of the Public Service of Saint Lucia and Article 5.2 of the Collective Agreement between the Government of Saint Lucia and the CSA to attend an “Extra-Ordinar...


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Guest_5592: cicerongirl abey bon
Irreplaceable: abey boy
Kerbina384: :_(
Irreplaceable: Kerbina dodo
Irreplaceable: ou la
Kerbina384: yes honey :)
Irreplaceable: u ok
Kerbina384: yes, im good thanks. how bout u
Irreplaceable: i am fine hun\
Kerbina384: ok, great
Cicerongirl: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kerbina
Kerbina384: lol. well finally
Kerbina384: hi cg
Cicerongirl: I went to pickup my daughter from school and it's snowing again. I couldn't bring out my phone.
Cicerongirl: How you been girl
Kerbina384: im good. just miss u guys on here. been tied up with work
Kerbina384: im onlt on today cuz i bease work, im a lil sick. lol
Cicerongirl: Oh oh. I hope you feel better soon and we miss you here too
Kerbina384: thx hun :)
Cicerongirl: You're welcome! When u get a chance don't forget you have some things to collect at the studio.
Kerbina384: oh yes
Kerbina384: i will have to do so this week
Kerbina384: but up to what time can u go there
Kerbina384: cuz i leave work at 6
Cicerongirl: I'm not sure. Ask Keisha
Kerbina384: ok
Kerbina384: keisha inactive in the chat room now
Kerbina384: lol
Cicerongirl: Whatsapp her
Cicerongirl: Lol
Kerbina384: oh yeah
Cicerongirl: Bye Keisha
Cicerongirl: Bye Irreplaceable and Kerbina
Irreplaceable: BYE
Irreplaceable: I AM GOING HOME
Guest_1909: shame on st.lucia governor's not checking on them Asian students...


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