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  • PetroCaribe is 10-years old

    04 September 2015
    rime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony will represent St. Lucia is in Jamaica to attend a summit meeting commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the PetroCaribe Agreement.   The summit will be held tomorrow, Saturday, August 5 and Sunday in Montego Bay.    Following that meeting the Prime Minister will attend the official opening of the Simon Bolivar Cultural Centre, which will coincide with a ceremony to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the "Carta De Jamaica" in Kingston.   Accompanying Dr. Anthony is His Excellency Hippolyte Eustace Vitalis, non-resident Ambas...
  • Homicide in V-Fort

    04 September 2015
    A Vieux Fort man was shot to death yesterday  The Royal St. Lucia Police Force was called to the scene where fifty year old David Mondesir of Hewranora Orchid, Vieux Fort was gunned down. Police Press relations officer, Zachery Hippolyte confirmed the homicide Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of the business man.   
  • D'ca Creole Festival not cancelled

    04 September 2015
    On August 27th 2015, Dominica was hit by the deadliest natural disaster in its history, Tropical Storm Erika. Since then, both local and regional patrons to the popular Dominican spectacle, the ‘World Creole Music Festival’, have been uncertain as to if the weekend event will still be on. His Excellency, Felix Gregoire, Ambassador to the OECS and CARICOM Commissioner to the OECS says the festival venue was not affected by the storm. The Ambassador explained that some tickets and season passes have already been sold, and despite the storm, prices have not been affected.  He is also wor...
  • Dominica tour of duty

    02 September 2015
    St. Lucia servicemen helping in search and rescue operations in Dominica after tropical storm Erika have providing invaluable assistance. The servicemen met Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony during his tour yesterday of the storm-ravaged country. Dr. Anthony said the men were in good spirits and their work is very-much appreciated. Tropical Storm Erika may have claimed about 35 lives and displaced hundreds in Dominica during its onslaught on the country last Thursday. The update on casualties was given by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to Dr. Anthony, following an aerial aboard a T...
  • St. Lucia withdraws as CYG host

    02 September 2015
    A combination of unforeseen issues, including the state of the George Odlum Stadium and the downturn in the economy, has forced the St. Lucia Government to withdraw its decision to host the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2017.   Prime Minister and Minister of finance, Hon. Dr Kenny Anthony, made the announcement in a nationwide address last night.   He said St. Kitts and Nevis was one of the countries proposed as joint hosts in view of the issues encountered by St. Lucia.   Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony announcing St. Lucia’s inability to host the Commonwealth Youth Game...
  • Fishermen rescued

    02 September 2015
    The Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York announced yesterday the successful rescue at sea of three Saint Lucian nationals. The three are Lindel Ericson Allen, 30, of Goodlands; Antoine Jn Marie, 53, of Desrisseaux, Micoud; and Cirven Griffen, 28, of La Toc Road, Castries. The men had been missing at sea for almost seven days.  

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Guest_3704: ?
Cornelius: Good morning all.
Guest_3062: Following Shelton's logic, the Germans who marched the Jews into the gas chsmbers and the ones who turned on the gas were just doing their jobs??? Really?? SMH.
Cornelius: Shelton, your preamble this morning regarding doing the jobs that we signed on to do without being morality police. All I can say is, spot on. I am in total agreement. You were right, matter of fact, and strong. Bravo!
Cornelius: 3062, did you miss the part where he said you have the option to resign? Are you really comparing the situation and conditions in the USA today with what existed in Nazi Germany? Do you know the outcome of Hitler's actions? So are you saying we should declare war on people like the woman he spoke about the same way it was done in retaliation to Nazi Germany?
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Good Morning to All!!!
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Accepting your comments here for 90minutes
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: I see the discussion has already begun
Cornelius: Good morning Shane
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Hi Cornelius
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: How are you sir?
Cornelius: Good thanks Shayne. This is an excellent program on health and wellness.
Cornelius: How are you today?
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Doing good...
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Im good
Cornelius: What an excellent program on health, wellness and overall well being. I especially like the promotion of preventive medicine, and the idea that each one of us is responsible for our own health and wellness. It is time we realize that most of the foods grown in Saint Lucia are better for us than many of the imported products. In Saint Lucia, we grow the foods that many parts of the World are now demanding in increasing quantities. In Saint Lucia, we really need to eat more of what we grow, and less of what's imported. Thanks for making the case for overall well being, physical, spiritual, etc. I hope as many people as possible attend these very important events.
Cornelius: Shayne, just remember, the day ends in Y, so it is good. Lol
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: No truer words have ever been spoken my friend
Cornelius: Question for the doctor, it has been widely reported that sucking on the breast helps reduce problems such as the risk of cancer, does she agree?
Cornelius: :-)
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Is that in the case of babies or even in adult hood?
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Cornellius...does that pertain to babies or is it sucking breats generally?
Cornelius: That's what i need to know. Lol
Cornelius: My hope is that it's generally. :-)
Cornelius: Thanks Shayne.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: np
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Good Day All
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Acceptng your comments her for 90minutes
Guest_7839: Lol
Guest_7839: What did Cornelius ask there yesterday?
Guest_7839: What did the doctor say?
Cicerongirl: Good afternoon DJ Mintek. I'm locked on but busy bust busy
Guest_4745: Just heard the former ( Taxi Driver, Reserve & Regular Police Officer ) Pickery ( Pic ) passed away may he rest in peace !
Guest_4745: D J man you pumping
Guest_4745: Thank you all the way from Killeen TX
Guest_6605: Greetings to you man Ras Ipic , this is Brambath better known as THE GERMAN ..fine Reggae nice selections so i am locked in listening to you dobbing it < shout out to Peter Prospere , posh Tosh , Fleck , Fal-co , Edmond St Ramey and the whole Niabinghi Pass C old school , Respect to the Number one DJ Ras Ipic ..Lighter !!


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